Thursday, June 16, 2005


I went to the Titanic exhibit at COSI yesterday. It was very cool. They had artifacts like jewelry, dishes,envelopes and postcards, and even some pieces of the ship. They also recreated the Grand stairway and it looked very realistic. Then they had a Titanic gift shop at the end of the exhibition. You could buy a necklace with coal from the titanic in it. I almost bought one but the price was anywhere from $15-$30.

Who wants a piece of coal that bad?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


There was this one really cool dummy called Stan who was a simulated patient. He had breath, bowek, and heart sounds, pulses, you could draw blood, give him an allergic reaction, and monitor his stats on a monitor. You can cause all kinds of disasters at the click of a mouse, and my group tried to resuscitate him when he went into cardiac arrest. We did CPR but he "died" anyway. Darn,
I can't even keep an inanimite object alive.

Intubation for dummies

When I got to the intubation station with the 3 other girls in my group we saw half of a dummy. He had a head, neck, lungs, and stomach. We named him Billy-Bob. LOL. I asked why he had a stomach if we were just practicing lung intubation, and the doctor said one of us would probably find out. I did. The first time I put the tube in it went down his esophogus rather than his trachea. When we pumped air in, his stomach filled with air. Not good. The second try I stuck the tube in too far. Only the right lung was filled with air. Again, not good. Finally on the third try I got it right. Maybe I shouldn't go into ER after all. Hmmmmm...

Test Dummies

At camp today we had an afternoon class and we went to 6 different stations and learned how to do different medical procedures. Below are the stations and what we did at each. Each station had a test dummy with which we saw how they did the different procedures.
  1. Tracheoectomy- we learned the basics of placing a tube in the trachea and suctioning and cleaning it out.
  2. Basic Physical- Used a doppler to hear heart sounds, tested reflexes, and used a tuning fork to test hearing.
  3. IV's, Catheters, and Scopes- saw how to put in an IV and a catheter, experimented with otoscopes and opthomoscopes.
  4. Ventilators and Resusitation- they hooked us up to a ventilator and showed us how it worked.
  5. Intubation-How to put a tube in the throat.
  6. Stan- a very cool simulated patient in an ER environment. He died on us however

Monday, June 13, 2005

I luv med school

If any of you read my dad's blog you know that I am attending Camp Mount Carmel this week. I get to do a ton of stuff like scrub in for surgery and all that good stuff. We took a tour of the hospital today and we looked at the Trauma, OB, Neonate, Ambulatory, Pathology and Hemotology Lab, and then met a bunch of surgical students who did a class for us in the afternoon. It was a very fun experience fo ranyone who wants to go into the medical field.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A really good book

Today was just one of those really,really long days where you go "Oh my lord I just want to be back at school". Needless to say these days are really,really rare. I got a chance to just sit and read which I don't get to do all that often. The book is called"She Said Yes". It's about Cassie Bernall, who was one of the girls killed in the Columbine school shootings because when her murderers asked her if she believed in God, she said yes. It's a very sad story, but a very good book. Her mom wrote it a month after Cassie died. I recommend it to anyone on any day that you have plenty of time to read because it is a really good book.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Road Trip

One of the things I love most about summer, spring, and winter breaks is my trips to work with Dad. He works from home but is on the road a lot, so when I'm not at school I go with him sometimes. This is so fun because even though I have to get up really early sometimes (not my favorite thing in the world to do) I can get out of the house and just listen to the Ipod and ride in the car all day. I am a really wierd kid, I mean how many kids do you know who would rather go to work with their parents than play on the Xbox... wait. Let me think about that. Hmmmm. That's a toss up. I'll get back to you on that.


YAY!!!!! I'm done with another year! Freedom at last! I can't believe this school year is finally over. It's gone really, really fast. The school year has been full of projects and I had a teacher who had us memorize a whole lot of stuff. Gettysburg Address, Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, and the Declaration of Independence. Thank the Lord for "Schoolhouse Rock". Ha Ha Ha