Friday, March 31, 2006

Obsessive Ramblings

AIM and Xanga have been giving me reeal issues lately. I've been trying to upload icons on both and they've been a pain in the hind end. In accordance with my recent obsession (for some reason I always have one of those) I have remodeled my xanga (its so pretty now, there's a link on the sidebar) and got a new buddy icon and was trying to add a new profile pic to my xanga. Well, I finally got a xanga picture up though it wasn't the one i wanted, and today when talking to my friend Jessica she spontaneously said:

Jessica: I hate your icon
Me:It shows up?
J:yes, i hate it
J:It has Leonardo DiCraprio on it

And yes I am perfectly aware there is an extra "r" in there thank you much. The icon is great but for the past week, nobody has been able to see it. So now it works and everything is fine and dandy. Oh goody.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fill in the blank

I'm curious to what responses i will get. If u read this, leave a comment filling in the blank

Did i mention that_________________?

Vacation, Day 2

Well, besides staying up till 12:17 AM last night watching the GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!! (see previous post) I have had an excellent time here so far. Today ( after I slept in until 11 AM. Hey! I was up late!)we traveled to the wonderous burgs of Athens and The Plains. We (Sis.Jewel and I) went to Daniel and Erin's house for a little bit to see the gigantic NCAA brackets (and believe me..these are huge) and visit for a little bit. We went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and then went shopping at Staples, Wal-Mart, and Cato. I don't believe I have ever spent 2 hours in Wally World but I did today.We got home about 30 minutes ago, after cruising around Ohio University and such. So I have had a great day. I think we are going to watch the Wedding Planner tonight.
"We are going to take Stiv to the center for the physical fitness. We are going to do the manly bonding."

Mi Nuevo Pelicula Favorita

Last night I was up until 12:17 AM bawling my eyes out over my new favorite movie. See if you can guess. Leonardo DiCaprio (*sigh*) Kate Winslet and a humongous boat star in this movie. Figured it out yet? If you haven't..well..I'm sorry . Titanic, people, is the greatest movie on the planet. It came out about 10 years ago and I hadn't seen it till last night. The VHS version is in two parts. The first is kinda slow and leads you into what my mother calls a sappy love story. (Hey, there are people who like sappy love stories!! Like me.:D ) But the second movie is a tear jerker. I am not a sentimental person, but I bawled through the entire second half. Well, ok, at the beginning it was a bit of a sniffle. Then they show the woman in steerage with her two little kids telling them a bedtime story when she knows that they're all gonna die and then I start to sob. But then comes the line "Jack, there's a boat. JACK COME BACK!!!!" and much sobbing on the part of Kate Winslet and I am now travailing. Those people at the wailing wall in Israel had nothing on me. lol. But what I would like to know is why didn't Jack get on the floating door with her instead of floating in the middle of the ocean. The logic seems simple. Cold air floating and LIVING or FREEZING ocean water (probably with sharks) and dying a death causing your one true love to travail along with a 15-year-old girl watching her beloved Leo freeze to death. (Did I mention I love Leonardo DiCaprio?) But anyway, Titanic has now surpassed Evita and knocked "Dude...gimme your tots" off of the list. (Ok, maybe tied for 5th) on my top 5 favorite movies. My list is now ,in order of flippin' sweetness (hey I have to give it a fond farewell)-
  1. Titanic (Did I mention I love this movie....and Leonardo DiCaprio?)
  2. Evita (I still love you Argentina)
  3. Cinderella
  4. Monty Python Holy Grail (It's not dead yet!!)
  5. Pirates of the Carribean (but where is the rum?)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Vacation, Day 1

Well, my first day of vacation went pretty good. We went to church last night and then went to McDonalds with the Martins, Daniel and Erin, and some of the girls from the youth group. It was really fun. Then my Best Friends Wedding was on TV last night so we watched that. And this morning we watched Runaway Bride and The Price is Right. Twas fun. So other than that, not much on this end so I'll be going now!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

On Vacay

Hello from Logan! I'm visiting the Cavinees this week and am going to church in an hour or so. We preached at Bro. Monks today. I had to stand up and testify. I was so nervous. I'm sure I screwed up somewhere in there. haha. And Emylee, Erica's baby is so cute!! She looks just like Erica. SO cute. Well, anyway, im going now!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

And you think you have a rough job?

Next time you think you hate your job, just remember this little guy.


Todays just one of those lazy days. I have the house all to my self so I've been surfing the net, IMing, playing computer games, watching movies, for at least 2 hours. Yeah, a really productive day here. hahaha. Pretty soon I'm going to start packing and getting ready for spring break. I'm going to spend next week at Sis.Jewel's house. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and then my parents are going to pick me up at a Holy Ghost rally on Friday. Then we're going to stay over in Lancaster and spend the day with the Borliks (some family friends) and then heading to Barberton to stay the night there. Dad is preaching in Barberton in the morning and then that afternoon we're going to my Uncle Peter and Aunt Shana's house. Then we're preaching in Canton. Phew! Busy week. Last night I went to the Youth Rally in Mansfield. The church sent out flyers to 15 churchs and our church was the only one that showed up. There were only about 6 people from the Mansfield church too. Bro. Ben, our youth leader, preached about Consecration and the will of God versus the purpose of God. He had one guy go up front and walk in a circle, another go up and down stairs, and me keep standing up and sitting down. For about 5 minutes this went on and by then I was so sore! We were supposed to be illustrating obediance to "the will of Ben". (lol) So, when we were finally finished with that, I was trying to walk back to my seat and I almost fell over! I was laughing so hard. Then after church we went to Cici's Pizzeria. The pizza was okay, but the pasta was AWESOME!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE pasta. And the cinnamon rolls were pretty good too. So I got back at about 11 and I was exhausted. I stayed up until about 12 and then I crashed and didn't wake up till 9:30! So this has been a good weekend so far and spring break looks like its going to be fun!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friends Friday- Meet my friends- Rachel (Heazakiah)

This is me with my best friend at school. This is Rachel Hezakiah. She does not have a middle name so I decided to give her one. Which is where Hezakiah comes in. I usually just call her it to annoy her. It's fun. Her name has 10 syllables with this middle name. Her family is fresh off the boat Sicilian (her grandma speaks almost no english) and she wants to be a chef. She will probably kill me for putting up this picture because she hates it. Hahaha. This was this past

Friends Friday -Meet my friends-Aaron (AKA-CSG)

Ok, well here is the guy I am always talking about. He's the one getting strangled. (By his older brother I might add) I will give credit (because I have an awful habit of pilfering photos. *blushes*) to Kelsey from school where I stole this pic from. Anywhoo..Aaron is 15 and he wants to be an Architect (especially designing golfcourses, because he loves to golf) He plays the cymbals in the marching band and pep band at school. So yeah, there you go guys. I know you were all dying to know about this guy *stifles a laugh* so yeah. I'm going to try to do two more bios but I wanted to get this one in.

Oh wait.. here's a better picture... well, moderately

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stuck in my head all day (or two)

The bad part about having a hamster named for a Broadway musical is that you are probably obsessed with the musical that they are named for. Well, this is true for me. Plus poor Elphaba really got stuck with a bad one. haha. But anywhoo.. I have had one of the funniest songs on earth stuck in my head for the past couple days.

"Popular" from Wicked

(spoken) Elphie - now that we're friends, I've decided to
make you my new project.

(spoken) You really don't have to do that

(spoken) I know. That's what makes me so nice!
(sung) Whenever I see someone
Less fortunate than I
(And let's face it - who isn't
Less fortunate than I?)
My tender heart
Tends to start to bleed
And when someone needs a makeover
I simply have to take over
I know I know exactly what they need
And even in your case
Tho' it's the toughest case I've yet to face
Don't worry - I'm determined to succeed
Follow my lead
And yes, indeed
You will be:

You're gonna be popular!
I'll teach you the proper ploys
When you talk to boys
Little ways to flirt and flounce
I'll show you what shoes to wear
How to fix your hair
Everything that really counts

To be popular
I'll help you be popular!
You'll hang with the right cohorts
You'll be good at sports
Know the slang you've got to know
So let's start
'Cause you've got an awfully long way to go:

Don't be offended by my frank analysis
Think of it as personality dialysis
Now that I've chosen to be come a pal, a
Sister and adviser
There's nobody wiser
Not when it comes to popular -
I know about popular
And with an assist from me
To be who you'll bee
Instead of dreary who-you-were: are:
There's nothing that can stop you
From becoming popu-
Ler: lar:

La la la la
We're gonna make
You popular

When I see depressing creatures
With unprepossessing features
I remind them on their own behalf
To think of
Celebrated heads of state or
Specially great communicators
Did they have brains or knowledge?
Don't make me laugh!

They were popular! Please -
It's all about popular!
It's not about aptitude
It's the way you're viewed
So it's very shrewd to be
Very very popular
Like me!

(spoken) Why, Miss Elphaba, look at you. You're beautiful.

ELPHABA(spoken) I - I have to go:

(spoken) You're welcome!
(sung) And though you protest
Your disinterest
I know clandestinely
You're gonna grin and bear it
Your new found popularity
La la la la
You'll be popular -
Just not as quite as popular
As me!


Monday, March 20, 2006

It's been a while

Hello, those of you who are still reading my blog after my month-long...err..."hiatus". I had some poor grades so I was grounded for a while. But now, other than Algebra, all is well! SO much has happened in the past month. So let me fill you in....

  1. First I will explain my picture. This is now my IM display picture. Last Tuesday I got two hamsters from my aunt, or rather my cousin, whose hamster had 8 babies. i got two girls and named them Eva and Elphaba. Yes, Elphaba (the El sounds like an Al) In the musical Wicked(which i am DYING to see.) The story behind the Wizard of Oz is told, telling how Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West met and how she became evil and all that good stuff. (my dad also discovered just from the soundtrack how the tin man came to be.very cool) Now let me ask you a question.. if you were born green and your parents named you Elphaba wouldn't you become evil? I thought so. So anyway. Now Elphaba is my only hamster. Eva died this morning. It was very sad. *moment of silence* moving on to nicer subjects.. (p.s. my aunt just sent me a snickers bar with her condolences.)
  2. If you have seen my Dad's Flickr photos you will note that I had to take home an electronic baby. I named her Caroline Louise after my grandma. I got a 150/150 on it!!! It was fun
  3. WE have been on the road for the past 5 weeks preaching
  4. There was about a week period where I thought CSG was blocking me from IM. It turns out that it was a misunderstanding, but it was devestating none the less.