Friday, March 24, 2006

Friends Friday -Meet my friends-Aaron (AKA-CSG)

Ok, well here is the guy I am always talking about. He's the one getting strangled. (By his older brother I might add) I will give credit (because I have an awful habit of pilfering photos. *blushes*) to Kelsey from school where I stole this pic from. Anywhoo..Aaron is 15 and he wants to be an Architect (especially designing golfcourses, because he loves to golf) He plays the cymbals in the marching band and pep band at school. So yeah, there you go guys. I know you were all dying to know about this guy *stifles a laugh* so yeah. I'm going to try to do two more bios but I wanted to get this one in.

Oh wait.. here's a better picture... well, moderately

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