Monday, July 31, 2006

A little break

I am off in a little bit to go to camp. I was supposed to be there earlier, but my aunt has had some problems with her neck the past couple days and the medicine that the doctors gave her isn't making her feel too well, so my uncle is gonna take me when he gets back from his dentist appointment. I will post either Friday night or Saturday morning. On another note, Liz is redecorating my blog for me. BRIGHT COLORS!!! There were two layouts that I couldn't decide between so I dunno which one is going up. Both are really pretty. I think that's all that's going on at the moment, so leave me comments while I'm gone.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Tears of laughter that is. I am trying to be quiet while laughing so that I don't wake up everyone, but this website has me cracking up. I am seriously laughing till I cry and I'm only on page 3 of 12! I know that at least some of you will like this. Comment me and tell me what you think.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Autobiography

I tag:

  1. Sis. Jewel
  2. My Dad
  3. Sis. Theresa
  4. Sis. Dolan

Fill this out IN YOUR OWN WORDS and repost as, "My autobiography" ... And use your own answers, not anyone else's, THANK YOU.

1.Where did you take your default pic? In front of MVHS on the first day of High School

2.What exactly are you wearing right now? Tee shirt and PJ pants

3.What is your current problem? I have been practically in love with the same person since I was 7, and he has no interest in me

4.What makes you most happy?--My friends
5.What's the name of the song that you're listening to?--Dive

6.Has anyone you've been really close with passed away? Yes

7.Do you ever watch MTV?-- Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry rarely

8.What's something that really annoys you?-- Being ignored

Chapter 1:

1.Middle name:-- Not telling...i hate it

2.Nickname(s):-- Becca, Beeker, Turtle, Yurtle, Beckus, Becky

3.Current location:-- My aunt's

4.Eye color:-- Brown with gold

Chapter 2:

1.Do you live with your parents:-- yes

2.Do you get along with your parent(s)?-- Usually, my dad more than my mom

3.Are your parents married/separated/divorced:-- Married.

4.Do you have any Siblings?:-- 5 year old brother and 3 year old sister


Chapter 3: favorite...

1. IceCream:- Peppermint Stick or Birthday Cake

2. Season:-- Summer

3. Shampoo/conditioner:-- Thermasilk

Chapter 4: Do you ever..

1. Dance in the shower:-- no

2. Write on your hand:-- constantly

3. Call people back:-- Depends on who it is

4. Believe in love:-- yes

5. Sleep on a certain side of the bed:-- Left

6. Any bad habits? I bite my nails

7. Any mental health issues? -- I'm bipolar, I think. LOL

Chapter 5: Have You...

1. Broken a bone:-- My finger

2. Sprained stuff:-- yes

3. Had physical therapy?:-- No

4. Gotten stitches:-- Yes, 13 in my foot after landing on a sawed off fench post.

5. Taken painkillers:-- I don't know. Does Tylenol count?

6. Gone SCUBA diving or snorkeling:-- No and No

7. Been stung by a bee:-- Several times

8. Thrown up at the dentist:-- no

9. Sworn in front of your parents:-- When I was little and didn't know it.

10. Had detention:-- Twice. Once for tardies, once for late homework

11. Been sent to the principal's office:-- Yes, but my parents even agree it was a stupid reason.

Chaper 6: Who/What was the last

1. Movie(s):-- Return to me

2. Person to text you?:-- Magz

3. Person you called:-- Deana or my parents, i can't remember

4. Person you hugged?:-- My cousin

5. Person you tackled?:-- my cousin again

6 . Thing you touched?:-- the keyboard

7. Thing you ate?:-- A cinnabon at the mall. Yum

8.Thing you drank?:-- Pink Lemonade

9.Thing you said?:-- What movie are you watching?

10.Friend you miss the most that has moved:Ummmm.... I'm moving... so probably it will be Rachel Hezakiah Crescimanno

1. Honestly, what color is your underwear?-- None of your buissness

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?:-- The guy that I like

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?-- Typing and staring blankly at the screen

4. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?-- Well, I'm not the ugliest person in the world, but I'm no model either

5. Honestly, have you done something bad today?-- Not that I know of

6. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?-- Heehee...when I can. I don't have TV

7. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?-- Somewhat

8. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?:-- Depends on the situation

9. Honestly, do you bite your nails?-- Yes, i need to quit

10. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?-- Yes

11. Honestly, when is the last time you have been to taco bell?-- 1 month that question came out of the blue

12. Honestly, are you in denile?-- About some things...probably

13. Honestly, where would you rather be right now?-- Italy or Florida.... at home

14. Honestly, do you like someone?-- Yes

*Happy Section*

1. Are you normally a happy person?-- Depends on the day. Like I said, I'm bipolar.

2. What can make you happy?-- Depends on the situation

3. Does being with your friends make you happy? Absolutely not! Friends? Make me happy? What kind of nonsense is that? Are you out of your mind? Who is happy when they have friends? LOL

Return to the Blogosphere

Hello all, I have not died, just haven't posted anything in a while. Nothing of interest has really happened this week that really is worth blogging. I know, when has that ever stopped me.... please, no comments on that. I have been reading my comments. I am nearing my dad's record for comments on one post, I think. His Napoleon Dynamite post got 15 replies. My Nathanael video has 7. It's getting close. I'm about halfway. So, if you are new to this blog, watch the video and comment. If you can hear the lyrics over the screaming girls, you will be highly impressed. Or the guitar playing. Ok, new subject, because I'm sure my dad will already be ragging on me for spending so much time talking on this one. If you know my dad or have seen his blog you would get why. So anyway. I have gotten really sunburned this week. And have swam alot. And got a new swimsuit. See how much you have missed? But really if you want to catch up on my week go to my Xanga site which I updated daily. This is because it is read by a completely different audience who all share every single detail of their lives . LOL. Can you tell I learned how to use the link button today? Haha.

Monday, July 24, 2006

This is what vacation should be like

This morning I slept in till noon. Then I played with Andrew until about 3, when my aunt came home. Then me and Micah watched Willy Wonka until dinnertime, which was spaghetti and breadsticks. After dinner we went swimming for a couple of hours. Then came in, ate some ice cream and watched another movie. Now everyone but me is in bed. My cousins are asleep and my aunt is reading. (My uncle is in Chicago)

Now that's what I call a vacation.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Panic Button

I finally, after 4 straight weeks of camp, have a week off! I'm at my Aunt Faith's house right now. My cousin, Andrew, has another one of his cousins over tonight, so I'm kinda just chilling right now. Probably will go to bed in a little bit, seeing as it is midnight. Friday was a very long day. I was in a bad mood on Friday morning and when I was walking back from the pool, some kid that I hardly knew came up and had a conversation with me that just made me about explode. Not at the kid, but at someone else whom the kid was referring to. But I digress. My mom and my aunt have this relationship where if something makes them mad they will call each other about 5 seconds later. Me and my friend, Deana, have a similar relationship. No sooner had the kid walked off, did I pull my cell phone out of my purse and press speed dial 11. (AKA. The Panic Button)

Deana (aka. poor innocent bystander)- Hello?
Deana- Who? Why?
Me- *proceeds to bore poor Deana with every last detail that I can cram into a 5 minute conversation before my phone goes dead*
Deana- Ok, I'll warn him about his eminant demise.

See how that works? Special isn't it? Well, I am going to go to bed now so I will try to type later.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Updates from SS camp

Wow, I can't believe it's been, well, 15 minutes, but before that more than a week since I posted. 28 campers got the Holy Ghost last week, which is awesome. I really don't remember any specifics on what happened last week honestly. I'm sorry I didn't post them.

This week however, has been wonderful. Bro. Buford has had great services. I'm working for my dad and Sis. Erica Nash. It's fun. I get to sing on the platform with the choir and during service. It's fun. I went to Wal-Mart on Tuesday morning. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but I had a blast. I went with Jaimi McDonald, Jacqueline Frake, and Alexandra Triona. It was so fun. We split up and Alex and I had the list for one of the dorm moms. On the list was 300 pieces of small candy and 80 blow pops among other assorted items. So off to the candy aisle we went. Woe was us, Wal-Mart sold small candy in increments of 92 and blow pops in increments of 20. 8 bags of candy later we are walking through the store. It was a sight to behold. Everyone probably thought that we were going to go pig out. lol. I'm staying with my Aunt Faith and cousin, Micah, in the hotel this week. I had to baby-sit Micah, who is 3, last night. Aunt Faith told him to lay down while she was gone and after about 5 or 10 minutes, Micah got bored with that idea, so he was playing and bouncing on the bed. So here's what happened-

Me: Micah, I have an idea! Let's play a game!
Micah: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Me: Ok, here's the game. We lay down and be very quiet. So then, when Mommy comes in the room, we'll scare her by saying "Boo" really loud.
Micah: OK!

So after about 5 minutes Micah got bored with my "game" and regressed back to playing and bouncing, so I said-
Me- Micah, I know how we can scare Mommy more!
Micah- What?!!
Me- Ok, we pretend like we're asleep and turn the lights off so then she'll be really suprised when we scare her.

Micah lays down with his blankie and closes his eyes really tight with a goofy grin. About 5 minutes later I turn on the light to look for my pajamas and Micah is out. I was very proud of myself at that moment.

Video from camp

This is the video from the talent show I have been waiting for that I got last night. This is my friend, Nathanael, playing in the Sr.High Camp Talent Show 2006. It is awesome. My friend, Deana, took the video, so I will give you the same warning she gave me. There is a ton of screaming in the video because-

  1. We are on the girls side of the Tabernacle and all the girls think that he is dreamy so they screamed at the top of their lungs
  2. You can especially hear Deana because she is taking the video and since she is one of his best friends, well, she has to cheer for him

So hopefully you enjoy this, but remember, just like Wicked (according to my parents), it was much better live.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shamu's understudy

That's me! Haha. At the pool today, during rest period, the workers were allowed swimming.Well, I love diving rings. Love them, love them, love them. Well, these kids while they were waiting to get back in the water they were throwing diving rings in and I went and got them. I felt like a dolphin. Haha. 9 kids got the Holy Ghost last night in the service. It was awesome. The dorm was better today. Only one clogged toilet and it wasn't even that bad. Um, I think that's it. Not much going on. We had a tornado watch last night. It was kinda freaky. Me and Sis. Margaret were listening to the radio for updates but nothing really happened. I asked her, because I had never stayed in the cook house with severe weather before, what would happen if a tornado hit. She said " Well, I dunno about y'uns but I'm staying here and riding it out!" I laughed. I love her. She is great. Well, now I really think I am done.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 2 of Camp

6 kids got the Holy Ghost last night. It was very cool. Lots of puppets and action songs. I love Sunday School camps. Because I will never grow up. Haha. The only bad thing that happened last night was that it was very, as my Aunt Julie says, "hurmid" outside last night, and my hair wouldn't do diddly-squat. My french twist flopped and so I wore the loose curls down and it was cute for a while and then it went kaploot. But all in all, a good evening. This morning I began my duties on Cleaning Crew. The girls dorm was disgusting today. 2 clogged toilets and water everywhere. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. It took us 1 1/2 hours to clean the dorm today. Ridiculous.

My 10-year-old cousin, Andrew, made it into chorale. I was cracking up yesterday from that though. All of these 8,9, and 10 year olds were standing still and just singing plainl, but there was Andrew, swaying even if nobody else was. It was hilarious. He got an award today for something too. This is his first year at camp. I'm glad he's having fun. He ate breakfast with me this morning. He's all excited that he gets to go swimming today too.

I am going to get off now so that my dad can use his computer. I am waiting for one of my friends to send me a video from last week. It's really cool. I will put it on here as soon as I can.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Live-Blog from the Ohio UPCI Campgrounds

Oh, the frills that the daughter of the Ohio Sunday School Director recieves! Internet access! *Hallelujah Chorus* I am so excited about this week. It is sure to be better than the last two weeks. No tornadoes thus far, no mice, no lice, and no boy issues other than the ones already present. This is going to be a short blog as I only have a couple of minutes before I head over to Hades...errr...I mean the cook house. Here's what's going on.

This week I am cleaning toilets. The same job I have had at camp since I was 3. Joyful, Joyful. Sis.Wehlage is the evangelist this week. She is very cool. I love her!! This is her last year supposedly before she retires, but I'm not sure. That's all I know about this week so far.

Last night, we went to dinner with some of the teachers for camp this week. I am very good friends with one of the teachers, Jacqueline, and her sister, Gabby. Me and Gabby are so alike it is frightening. We were comparing the one thing that we are scarily alike about. We both have our weddings planned out. We both have pictures of stuff saved on the computer and things like that. Fun. Well, me and both Jacqueline and Gabby were laughing our heads off over lord knows what most of the night. Me and Gabby are both sleep-deprived because she camped last week too. Well, I got the hiccups when we were in Wal-Mart and something happened (I don't think I want to remember) and we were laughing and we both had the hiccups and as we walked into the parking lot, we're going "Oh my gosh, people are gonna think we're drunk." They probably did too. Well, I'm outta time now. So I will try to type later this week.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My favorite cousin's wedding

Here are the pictures of my favorite cousin, Mistie's, wedding.

At the Altar (yeah, some of the pics are blurry. they kept moving!!!)

The Wedding Cake- this is the one that the Wedding party ate from.

The Cupcake Tower- in case you couldn't tell, my cousin is very non-traditional. This was her idea. The guests ate from this.

Mistie and John cutting their cake

Me and Mistie. I look like a retard. Notice her dress is blue? Well, i told you she was non-traditional. She originally wanted china red. lol.

For some reason some of the pics wouldn't load on here. Oh well!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Guys and the "Lunchline Theory"

This week I camped at the Ohio District UPCI Campgrounds for 15+ camp. It was a blast. Went swimming and heard great preaching. Lots of sports and made new friends. On Monday night however, we actually had a tornado touch down outside of Buckeye Lake. We were all evacuated to the basement. Everyone was fine and no damage was done. This week at camp there was the largest registered crowd ever at the campgrounds. 361 campers. Wow! This caused lines to be very long. While standing in line with my mother we noticed someone familiar in front of us. Mom whispered "Uh-oh, It's he who must not be named." This is a guy that for the sake of my own personal safety from mocking for those who don't know this whole story I will call _____.

When I was about 7-8 years old, I began Junior Bible Quizzing on the Mount Vernon team. While in that first fateful year of quizzing I met ____ and thought he was very cute. I liked him a ton. So much so, that when I got a little older, 10 or so, I would follow _____ around everywhere. We were friends and I remember one occasion, when we were about 10 or 11 where, at a quiz meet in February, about 3 inches of snow were on the ground and he decided to challenge me to a snowball fight. I lost.


I was wearing a coat with no gloves and ____ was wearing a ski jacket with gloves. He completely demolished me. For 2 years I tried to get him back. No such luck. Well, eventually ____ figured out that I liked him which put a strain on things, but we still talked and everything and eventually I THOUGHT I had convinced him that I didn't like him anymore. I don't know if that was really true but when we were 13 years old (He was 14. He is 3 months and 27 days older than me), we were at camp and I found out that he liked a very good friend of mine and he would always want to hang out with her and yada yada yada. Well, the last few days he would always ask if I wanted to come along with them too. Not like a third wheel or anything either. We would just walk around and talk and actually, and this is one of my many hidden talents, he and my friend are the ones who taught me how to unwrap Starbursts with my tongue that summer. Well, we went on after summer and the next summer something happened at camp. I heard a rumor. A very bad one. About ______. And even though I knew better and knew that he would never do something like that, I believed it anyway. It made me very very mad. So mad that I would try to avoid him as much as possible while still admiring how cute he was from afar. Well, word got back to him that I "hated" him, which for a while I guess I kinda thought I did. And he found out why I "hated" him. Well, so this brings me back to the line that my mother and I were standing in, waiting to register with ____ right in front of us. This is why my mom said "he who must not be named". Well, as soon as I saw him I think "Oh Crap. This week is ruined." Well, that's because I didn't know how crazy camp can be. Through the grapevine this week I heard some things that proved that the rumor I heard was a lie. I felt so incredibly guilty. I cried. I couldn't believe that I had just gone and believed something like that without even asking _____. So I talked to a mutual friend and she decided to help me out. Now, usually in my life, when things go this way, and people try to "help", it explodes. This time it didn't. Shockingly. Tuesday-Thursday I became very good at dodging him. Well, on Friday, I was watching basketball for obvious reasons (_____ was playing) and I was still worrying what I was gonna do. Well, I am sitting on the grass and he comes and sits down next to me. I didn't know why. Well, apparently he didn't know I was there because after about 5 minutes I hear the startled "Oh, hi Becky! I didn't see you sitting there." Never once did he mention about me being a bad person and my major guilty conciense. We sat there and talked about normal stuff like my impending move and my siblings and cards and stuff like that. I was so glad.

So what exactly is the "Lunchline Theory"?

At camp this week with 361 campers, people would line up about 45 minutes before a meal to get a good spot. Especially lunch. Now quite honestly I dunno why people even bothered. Because even if you were first in line, people would push and shove and end up getting to the goal before you. My experience with _____ has been somewhat like the lunchline. I have liked him for 7 or 8 years. However, I have watched as he meets other girls and they like him and he likes them and all this stuff goes on and they "are a thing but the aren't" and it seems a lot like the lunchline. I'm not even talking about like-liking them. They all have a chance to be closer and become good friends and all that and I am stuck in the lunchline. I know I sound irrational but hey, I'm 15! I have had to watch this guy whisper sweet nothings, well maybe not sweet nothings but they looked pretty secret in that conversation to me, to this girl who, by the way is blonde and very thin, unlike me, and it bugs me!! I have liked him since I was 7! I have been standing in the line for ages!! I can't even be good friends with him. Maybe some of this is my own fault but I dunno. It really annoys me.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

This game is addicting...


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Mice and Lice and Tornados, Oh My!!

Sound fun? Think again!!! Here's my camp journal....

Monday- Woke up and drove in. Got registered, had worker's meeting. Oh yeah, my Aunt Julie and Uncle Ken got to camp a little late too. Guess why? My uncle was pulling his RV out of the parking lot in Jackson, Ohio and wrecked into a tree. The RV is now a convertible. They were both alright, unlike the camper's roof. They got in at about 9 PM as opposed to AM. Oh, and I also went to the night-swim. So Fun! Went into shock, seriously. I went off the diving board way too fast, so I hit and then knocked the wind out of myself. As if this wasn't bad enough, the water in the diving board end is 12 feet. I hit the bottom of that. Could not get to the surface. I was so scared. Felt so sick I almost went home.
Tuesday- The real work begins. I am on cleanup crew sooooo...this means, WAKE UP AND SCRUB THE POTTIES!!! FUN!! Poor Amanda's bathroom was always gross. Mine was never that bad. Went swimming after cleaning. That was fun. Threw my back out this time, doing a twist, then got a nosebleed. OMGsh, u would think that those lifeguards had never seen a nosebleed. I had like 5 come in and ask if I had medical history of nosebleeds and if they needed to call my parents. I get nosebleeds all the time in the summer!! Arrrrggghhh... Oh yeah, when I go back I was really tired, so after lunch, I went back to the pit and was gonna try to catch a few Z's before it was time to clean the Tabranacle. Well, in the pit we have a dear little four legged friend who likes to pay us a visit, once and a while. I call him.... Squeaky. Squeaky made his first appearence of the year while I was trying to sleep. I was awakened by the screams of a bunch of girls who Squeaky was greeting. Oh goody.
Wednesday- Oh what a joyous day. Absolutely boring. Until after church. After church everyone gathers in the Dining Hall for concessions and fellowship and everything. Well, I have no cell service in the Dining Hall. So I went out and was gonna call my parents, just to check in for the night. Well, I noticed that it was getting a bit dark a little early. And there was some wind...well a lot of wind. And then I see everyone staring at the sky over the Dining Hall. So, I look up and I see these clouds. Big, black, ominous clouds, like you would see in a movie. And I think "Well, that's creepy." Then, Bro. Monk, the camp manager, comes out and looks at the sky, followed by Doug, Jared, Curtis, and some of the other maintainence guys. He takes one look and says "Oh, that is not good." I'm getting a bit scared at this point. Then I ask Sis. Williamson, who was helping Sarge this week with clean-up, what is going on. She says, "Those are tornado clouds. They just haven't touched down yet."

OH SNAP!!!!!!

Well, I am in sheer panic mode at this point, and the campers choose to now tell me that they are scared because I work at camp and I should have all the answers. So I tell them "Just stay calm, we're trying to figure out what is going on. Just hang tight, for a moment." (No pun intended) While inside I am going "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" So I go in and see my Uncle Ken, and I am whiter than a ghost.
Dialogue- K=Uncle Ken, J=Aunt Julie, R=me
K: Hey girl, what's going on?
R:Ummmmmmm....Uncle Ken, there's some tornado clouds out there.
K: No way!!!!
Apparently to my uncle, who has lived in Tornado Alley all of his life, this is the coolest thing ever. So he runs into the kitchen to get my aunt, who is doing dishes.
K:Jules, you have got to come see this!!
J: (stares at ominous, non-rolling clouds) Wow, that's a bit freaky.

So, I am clinging to my aunt most of the evening. She puts me to work doing dishes and informs me that I have seen way too many movies. Then she tells me to think of the old movies. With crappy special effects and stuff.

Wizard of OZ comes to mind.

So, at about this moment, an announcement comes over the loudspeaker requesting that all people relocate themselves to either the Dining Hall or Tabranacle. Oh great. Later on, we found out that Bro. Monk had seen the funnel. It never actually touched down but it was spinning on the inside and picking up dust. Luckily, no damage was done and after about 2 hours of pandamonium, all was normal. Until Thursday.
Thursday- Why is it that the fateful days always start off boring? Thursday was both of these. Boring, and fateful. At about 6 PM, one of the dorm-mom's was fixing a camper's hair. And then she saw something crawl. Something brownish-yellow. Gimme a L! Gimme a I! Gimme a C! Gimme a E! What's that spell?



The head checks took place from 6:30 until 5-6 AM. 15 minutes per head. 12 girls sent home. When us workers got in line, we were #'s 32-45. The wait was until 6 AM. Eventually, us worker's went to bed and got our head checks after work. Cassie checked our heads unoficially for peace of mind because she was and EMT and had the training. We were all OK. Well, in the middle of all this, Brandy, one of the girls in the pit got a phone call saying that her grandfather had died unexpectedly. That was not fun at all.
Friday- The last day of the plagues....errr...I mean camp. Packed up stuff. Didn't do much. One of the girls in the pit stole 5 other girls things. Hopefully we get them returned, but all the girls were pretty mad, wouldn't you be? Well, this afternoon was incredibly fun. At lunch I had one of the biggest laughs in a long time. Doug's (one of the guy's in maintenance) wallet went missing. He got it back and not long after he did, someone asked him a question about his driver's liscense. He handed them his wallet and they opened it up and in the place where his liscense normally was, was a little yellow card with the simple words:
Oh my gosh, I have never laughed so hard, everyone ripped on him for that so bad. Bro. Pasley came over and everyone showed him the card and he called Doug over and said "I always suspected." We were rolling by this point. So then Doug turns to Bro. Pasley, hands him the card, and says "Here sir, do you need this?" I was laughing so hard I was crying. It was hilarious. I about died. Well, after this, we had service and everything and Dad picked me up and we went to Steak and Shake for some milkshakes. I got a sippable sundae. Well, I hope you all have enjoyed this post because it took me 30 minutes to write. I will talk to you all later.