Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shamu's understudy

That's me! Haha. At the pool today, during rest period, the workers were allowed swimming.Well, I love diving rings. Love them, love them, love them. Well, these kids while they were waiting to get back in the water they were throwing diving rings in and I went and got them. I felt like a dolphin. Haha. 9 kids got the Holy Ghost last night in the service. It was awesome. The dorm was better today. Only one clogged toilet and it wasn't even that bad. Um, I think that's it. Not much going on. We had a tornado watch last night. It was kinda freaky. Me and Sis. Margaret were listening to the radio for updates but nothing really happened. I asked her, because I had never stayed in the cook house with severe weather before, what would happen if a tornado hit. She said " Well, I dunno about y'uns but I'm staying here and riding it out!" I laughed. I love her. She is great. Well, now I really think I am done.

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Theresa said...

Hey, Becky, what happened to your blogs for Days 4 and 5? I'm enjoying keeping up with you at Camp, but I want to know how the rest of last week went. Love ya!