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Nice Matters

After I saw Sis.Theresa do her Nice Matters, awarded to her by Sis.Jewel, I realized that I still needed to do mine. So, my two nice bloggers are-

Missy- Both on her blog, and in real life, she is one of the most down-to-earth and just awesome people that you will ever meet. She's been through a lot lately, and she still keeps her head up and is always an encouragement when you need her to be.

SNB- One of the few people who can still take me seriously after finding me through Liz's or John's blog (no offense to either of you. Liz, you're just so much wiser than me, and John, well...enough said) Her blog is always fun to read and she always leaves me cool comments. Or comments at all, which is more than the rest of you do.
“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

In the Zone.....

Oh, oh, oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way
I always do!
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for something that I can't eat
Then I hear that beat!

This is not only a line from one of the classic Broadway masterpieces (Hairspray, people. Come on! Get with the program!) but it is also.....(drumroll please)


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's this time of year again. And this. And this. And this. And this. And finally, to wrap it all up, this.

And if we're lucky, this will happen again.

Because THIS is our musical for the year!

I will be trying out for Rosa. And most likely failing to get that part and getting stuck in the chorus. But what are you going to do.

So, despite my sinus infection that makes me sound like a frog, I am listening to "Good Morning Baltimore" constantly, getting the feel of it, wrapping my vocal cords around it, becoming one with the song, bonding with....ok, I think you get the picture.

So, when I get dates for sure, I will let you know. But now it is time for dinner and some more not-so-intense vocal training.


I found this video incredibly moving!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


After several failed attempts of doing it on my own, I have succesfully created a podcasting system!!

Go ahead! Click it!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lessons Learned

Fun Game

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Friday, August 24, 2007

A real, live, grown-up

I had an "Oh my meatballs, I'm turning [age here]!" moment a few weeks ago. I cannot believe that I am the age that I am. I'm turning 17 in about a month. That means I only have about a year of leeching off of my parents. And then me going to college. And then getting married. And having kids of my own who will in turn, leech off of me and start witty blogs of their own.

My dad posted about a conversation we had the other day about faith. A few years ago, major topics of conversation with us were what the highest bid on the Princess Diana Beanie Baby was. Today, I bought a water bottle for Probie....with MY OWN MONEY! That is definitely unlike me. Usually I'll say, "Mom, the guinea pig is writing me signs on cardboard in calligraphy, begging me to give him water. Can you grab him a new water bottle at the store?" But no, I asked my mom to drive me out to We Luv Pets and I bought a water bottle and now Probie, while a little resentful at me for his brief period of dehydration, is happy.

In physiology, we're studying Bioethics. Mr.Cunningham said, "Pay attention to these issues because in a few years they may have an impact on your life." This gave me two thoughts.

A.) I'm going to have to vote in the election next year. I have to register under a certain party (which I already know what I am, so that's not an issue. It's just the making it official that is weird.) I'm going to have to pay attention to debates! I watched (and paid attention to) the State of the Union Address this year! How weird. My parents don't even do that!

B.)A lot of the subjects have to do with kids (i.e. surrogacy, stem cell research, cord blood, termination of defective newborns, gender selection, genetic counseling, reproductive technologies) I may really have to pay attention to that stuff in 5 or 10 years!

So anyway, I'm not so sure about this growing up thing. It's a little intimidating, I must say.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Enjoy it while you can, baby

This morning I got up at 6:00 without complaint.

Oh yeah, that's going to happen again.

Right after I gouge out my eyes with a shrimp fork.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm sad

School tomorrow.

See how happy I am?

No, really?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Off to see the Wizard

Tornado warnings in Morrow and Richland county and nasty weather here.


I think I may wait to clean my room.....


I'm officially a Junior. My fees have been paid, so I got my schedule today. (Drumroll please)

Semester 1

Comparitive Religion



Spanish 4



KAP American History



Bridges II





Visual Basic I


English 11 Honors



Human Physiology


Semester 2

Visual Basic 2



Spanish 4



KAP American History



Bridges II






Intro to Theatre Arts



English 11 Honors


Human Physiology



Here are my thoughts on the schedule. Comparitive Religion is going to be a blast, and interesting because I have a Jehovah's Witness, Atheist, and Jew taking the class with me. *sings* Oh happy day! Theatre Arts, need I say more? Plus, Mr.Ward is just awesomized anyway. Bridges II is stupid math, which I need despite my supposed smarts because I just mow at math. Unless it's geometry. Human Physiology is going to be SUH-WEET!!! So psyched about that. Because I'm pretty much happy with this schedule, I don't think I'm going to try to switch it around to fit Forensics in there. I'll just take it next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Blabber

I was discussing school with my adopted freshman today, and here's what's going on in that area.

Tomorrow, I am going to school to collect my schedule and should our schedules work out, I am going to show Emily around to her classes and give her the 411 on her teachers.

Tomorrow is also Rachel's 16th birthday, so Sips is a requirement. That's pretty much our Central Perk. I got her birthday present the other day, which was interesting. Guess what she wanted? A 3-subject notebook and Wite-Out Pens. It was disgraceful, I tell you.

On that subject, school starts on Thursday. *sigh* It's just sad.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Poor guy....

You just have to feel sorry for this poor guy....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pass It On

I am a semi-clingy person.

I have always depended on people older than me to make me feel wanted or whatever you want to call it. My best friend is 8 years older than me. One of my closest friends as a child (and still is) is 10 years older than me. When I was in middle school, I was that kid that everyone made fun of that loved to sit with the chaperone on field trips and talk. I just like talking to adults more, I guess, usually.

As a lowly 6th grader, I became really close to one of the girls that lives next door named Rachel. She's 2 years older than me and her brother is around the same age as my brother and sister and her sister was my "writing buddy" when I was in 1st grade and she was in 5th. (Writing Buddies is a program at East School where the 5th graders go to the 1st graders classroom once a month and help them write little stories with a common theme, like at Easter it was the Easter Bunny, at Christmas, Santa, and so on.) Here in Mt.Vernon, the middle school is for grades 6-8, so as Rachel was heading out of the middle school, I was coming in. She showed me the ropes of the middle school and helped me out my first year. A couple of years later, I was a freshman and she was a junior. Once again, she helped me get through the terrifying first year of high school and helped me to find my classes and told me about my teachers and so on. When I was a sophmore, she helped me with scheduling my college class for this year, because she has taken it, and for the college prep english class, which she has also taken. She left for Denison University today, but she told me yesterday that if I need any help with my classes, she's only an instant message, cell phone call, or text message away.

Today, one of the girls from church stopped by my house on her way to freshman orientation. Her name is Lori and I've known her for years. She brought her schedule and list of "Things to Know" that the school gave her at orientation. She asked me what her teachers were like, what she really needed to worry about, and what gym class was like. I pointed out the teachers that I knew and told her about the dreaded gym class and advised her to do her homework and she'd be fine. I told her that if she needed someone to sit with at lunch or before school, then to come find me and she could hang out with me and my friends. One of the other girls at church, Emily, is taking English 9 Honors, like I did. Instead of making her go out and by the study copy of Tale of Two Cities that you have to buy halfway through the year, I told her if they had the students buy it, that I had the book that she needed (with notes in it, as an added bonus.) and to come see me. I know I hated having to buy that stuff.

I'm hoping that by doing this, they may, in turn, find another lowly freshman in two years. And the cycle will continue.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Things that make us....

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

And scream in horror....

Mmmmmm....burnt marshmallow. But I look like a doof. And the cremated marshmallow may be enough to make Liz wish she had some mayo.
Sorry your Lizness.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don't you hate it when this happens?

I stole this link from my dad. Some people are just stupid.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Brains....or not

Last night, I had a bum-out moment. I had something I was going to tell Tiffany and so I looked back to where Sis.Potter was and she wasn't sitting there. I still didn't get the picture, so I thought "Oh, she's praise singing or doing sound." After I looked at both of these places, I finally remembered where she actually was. Needless to say, this bummed me out a little bit.

On a completely different note,I found a muffin layout. Finally. But the programmer who made it had no mowing (ask Mistie) idea what he was doing when he created it. So it doesn't work. And this makes me sad. And disappoints Bongo (see previous post)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Only for Bongo...

My lack of real (real=does not include ignorant student answers or dancing manatees) posting has apparently disappointed Bongo. So, although I have nothing to say, I will try to think of something (think of something=tell a bunch of obvious lies) to tell you.
So, yesterday I conquered the world. Yes, I conquered it. What now? It was so easy and went so quickly that I don't remember the details of when and how I did it, so I cannot share them here, and I did it so smoothly and with such finesse, that the papers and news are unable to do my master plan justice, so they will not report it. You may now bask in my glow.
Seriously, I have done nothing productive over the past week. I redid my voicemail message yesterday. That's about it. See how productive I've done. I'm going to the Dan Emmet festival with Rachel in about 15 minutes and then tomorrow I'm going to hang with Mistie and stay the night and watch movies at her house. See how productive I am?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

When you think you're a complete moron.....

In case you can't read the answer:

Its curvy with a higher bit at the end and a rather aesthetically pleasing slope downwards towards a pretty flat strait bit. The actual graph itself consists of two strait lines meeting at the lower left hand corner of the grap and moving away at a 90 degree angle. Each line has an arrow head at the end.

Look what I did!!

I redid my layout! Lost all my widgets, but still. I'll get some of them back eventually. That's what was causing the problems with my blog in the first place. I'm proud of me. I did it all by myself!

I have nothing to say...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Remembering Tiffany

We are saddened at the loss of our beloved Sister Tiffany Potter. Tiffany was actively involved with our local assembly in many ways. She enjoyed music and was a part of the Praise and Worship team and the Sanctuary Choir. She was also a valuable part of the churches Multi-media department. Tiffany had a shyness about her, but she enjoyed being a Greeter as people came to church. However, she had a special place in her heart for babies and children and was a great Sunday School teacher. She put all her efforts for the church to the glory of Jesus Christ, her personal Lord and Savior. She will be greatly missed on earth, but we have the hope to see her again in Glory.

I was at Rachel's house when my mom called me and told me that Tiffany had passed away. My brain has been going a million miles an hour in at least as many directions since then.

I got home and thought I had calmed myself down. Then I found the Brian Vickers racing cards she gave me and the picture of me, her, and Brittany at the Valentines Banquet 2 years ago. That was the night I got dumped and I felt horrible because not only did I not have a date, but the reason for me not having a date was not just him live 2 hours away anymore, but me actually being single. I remember Tiffany sitting next to me the whole night, forcing me to have a good time. I think she even told me that I was going to have a good time if it killed me. I didn't want to get my picture taken, but she dragged me up there to get the picture taken with her and Brittany. I am so glad she did.

Tiffany loved NASCAR and racing in general, thus the Brian Vickers cards. He was her favorite, as far as I knew anyway. She just liked racing in general. She had a shelf in her room that had racing stuff and another that had collectible horses. She loved horses. She had a horse of her own too. She actually attempted to teach me how to ride a horse. And I do mean attempted. I was very impatient and so was the horse. I gave up on it. I stuck to helping feed the horses. I loved going out to the Potter's farm for Memorial Day and Labor Day. I think it was night before Labor Day, the last night I spent the night over there. It was me and Brittany and I think her cousins, too. It was fun. We went and got ice cream and watched movies. I'm not sure. I may be mixing a few occasions in one. It was a while ago.

Tiffany liked animals in general, now that I think of it. Especially her cat, Tonia. And her dogs. She had one dog, Anthony Thomas, who was a chocolate lab. I remember I went to stay the night when she had just gotten him. It was like she had a new baby. Every 3 hours she would get up and take him outside. It was so funny and cute. She loved that dog.

I think that the most memories I have of Tiffany come from one summer, about 2 or 3 years ago at the Dan Emmet Festival. I was helping her mom and her sell teddy bears, so I stayed the night at their house and went to the Festival both days. We had a blast those couple days. My mom and I were driving downtown today and just little insignificant moments popped out at me. Things that you would never in a million years remember, unless you were thrown into a situation like this.

As much as I miss Tiffany already, I would never wish her back the way that she was. She's in a much better place now, and she's no longer sick or suffering. I can't wait to see her again someday.