Thursday, August 31, 2006

Audition Buddy

I now have an audition buddy for OZ try-outs. My next door neighbor, Rachel, is another one of my best friends and also is my audition buddy. This means I will be performing my dialouge with her and going to her for my nervous breakdown directly before singing my song. I am going to be a wreck September 12 (audition day). I have to sing a song. I am singing something from Wicked. I haven't decided yet. It will either be-

  • The Wizard and I (track 3)
  • Popular (track 7)
  • I'm not that girl (track 8)
  • (If I can talk one of my friends into doing it with me) Loathing (track 4)

The link to the Wicked Script and these songs

Listen to the songs and comment what you think that I should sing.

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