Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22- End of the world?

At first when my friend Cassie told me about this I thought it was a joke. There was a dead silence on the IM and all of the sudden she says "Did you hear that people think that the world will end tomorrow?" I laughed at first.

me (11:41:47 PM): my mom thinks that it will stop, start spinning the other way (and will turn upside down) causing all the water to fall out of the ocean and drown everybody
(11:42:07 PM): plus everyone will fall to their death when the earth goes upside down
(11:42:20 PM): lol
cassie (11:42:58 PM): lol
(11:43:10 PM): my mom thinks that the moon is gonna fall
me (11:43:20 PM): seriously?
(11:43:28 PM): lol
cassie (11:44:44 PM): lol
me (11:45:58 PM): oh, and my mom says that if she is right then u have to pay her tomorrow

But then I found the article that she was talking about. It scares me. But then again a lot of the end time stuff scares me. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the fact that my uncle left church about 6 years ago and still hasn't come back. Maybe I think that I am missing something and don't know it or that I won't be "prayed up" when God comes back. Or maybe it's that I am so young and have so much in life that I haven't experienced or accomplished. I mean, I want to have a family someday and be a doctor. Everyone has told me that when I get there it will be so wonderful that I won't care. And believe me, I want to see my Grandma so badly. But I am here now and have so many plans for my life. I know there is something better but I don't know that I am ready for it. It makes me afraid that maybe I am just getting content in this life. I don't know. Eternity is a long time. It may just be that the idea of anything never ending scares me because it is beyond what my mind can grasp. Any thoughts?


Theresa said...

Becky, when I was about 15, I worried quite a bit about the rapture, and whether I was ready to go or not. Then a very wise former Sunday School of mine gave me some words of wisdom. "Live your life as if Jesus would not return for 100 years, pray as if He will come in the next 5 minutes." Translation: It doesn't really matter what you do or accomplish as long as you are living in truth the whole time. Go be a doctor!!! ;)

Jewel said...

Wow....I am very impressed with the way you articulated your feelings about the coming of the Lord, Becky....I'm impressed is all I can say. And I agree with Theresa above, too. Love you, sweetie!! ((HUGS))