Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yet another stolen pic from DC

Would have put this up earlier but I just noticed it. It's from the same album. This is the whole group at Van Ness station, right before we went to the missionaries' apartment for the pizza/ 20 minute prayer over food. Good times. Funny story about this picture. Well, sort of. We were asking several random innocent bystanders to take the picture of our group and most of them just kind of blew us off. The guy who took this picture was so nice. In the beginning only 2 or 3 of us handed him a camera. Then some one said "Can you take one more?" and about 12 of us brought our camera over. He was such a good sport. He took pictures for all of us. It was funny.
Back Row (L-R)- Adam C., Aaron, Jenna, Shelley, Megan, Erica, Tim, Paul
Middle Row (L-R)- Tiffany, Sarah,Jeremiah, Krystal, Michelle, Jordan, Sis. Brandy
Front Row- (L-R) Justin, Me, Nicole, Bro. Eric, Adam B., Ashley, Marribridget
Very, Very front- Israel

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