Wednesday, August 30, 2006

3rd Period Study Hall

I'm in Study Hall now, where in the library, the last few minutes are free time to browse and stuff on the computer. I've been working on my Bio I project most of the period. I got a few slides done on my powerpoint, you know the kind, with gross pictures of tumors and such. Here's the geeky part though. I actually enjoy this research! It's wierd. Probably good. But wierd. Most people my age would begin to snore at the sight of the word "blastema" but I think all this stuff is interesting. It's almost scary. Speaking of snoring, I now love my World Studies class even more than before. Mr. Gottke has decided that because we are his first class, which starts a little before 8 AM, that we are allowed to bring coffee and pop into his class and a light snack to increase our energy, if that will make a difference. I don't know about the increasing energy part, but I am definately taking every oppurtunity available to bring coffee to school. Well, I should probably go now, because the bell just rang. It's off to Bio!

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