Sunday, December 31, 2006


New Picture of Me

This was taken at Easton over the weekend. Thoughts? I'm thinking of changing it to my profile picture.


Just documenting for future referance and self-confirmation that this blog is NOT a waste of my time. At this very second I am 128 on BlogTopSites.

We'll see how long this lasts.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

I can hear the groans....

Sorry for all of you who hate the 2002 American Idol. I am sorry that you have abosolutely (I am aware I spelled that wrong. As am I aware that my title is misspelled, for all of those blogroll moderators who have opted to spell check my submissions. As Liz once said "Artistic expression and all") no taste. One of my New Year's Resolutions (you can see how I am aiming for the stars here) is to put a new song on my blog weekly. So you only have to put up with Clay for 7 days. Torture, I know. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Scarf Love

Scarves seemed to be a common theme at Christmas this year. My sister and I both got one. Please note the grand difference. I think Gabri got the short end of the stick here. Her scarf is hand-knitted (by me) with (in the words of Grandma Spongebob) "love in every stitch". The pink band with creme around it was supposed to be the center, but apparently I pulled a little too tight on the second half and it is a tad (read as: extremely) off center. But she seems to like it, so, hey, maybe it isn't so bad.

My scarf however, is a cashmere Burberry. Yes, Burberry. As in the normally $200-$4oo scarves that are imported from London. Before you go and ask my parents where your Christmas present is, there is no way that they bought me one for retail price. From what I understand, it was an Ebay deal, but since it is GENUINE (I have the registration tags and everything), who am I to complain?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Your Dose of Stupid Humor for The Day

Thursday 13 #5

Thirteen Roles I Would Love to have on Broadway
  1. Elphaba (Wicked)
  2. Galinda (Wicked)
  3. Tanya (Mamma Mia)
  4. Belle (Beauty and The Beast)
  5. Lady of the Lake (Spamalot)
  6. Rosie (Mamma Mia)
  7. Roxie Hart (Chicago)
  8. Julia (The Wedding Singer)
  9. Eva Peron (Evita)
  10. Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
  11. Nessarose (Wicked)
  12. Donna (Mamma Mia)
  13. Jan (Grease)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Starbucks now has my application.


Gerald Ford

I logged onto my computer today to work on these stupid labels again today and saw the sad news that Gerald Ford had died today at 93. Now, the next statement is going to make you think "You heartless jerk. You have a black hole where your heart should be..." , but don't judge me to harshly for this. I started laughing. The death of a former president usually would not be something to laugh at, and trust me, I realize how sad this is, but, well when I saw that I couldn't stop thinking about the following sketch-

Do you see what I mean?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wheel of Monotony

My dad has me doing something (once again) that is extremely boring. I have to type up 600 labels. Ugggggggggggh...

So I have my iPod playing on shuffle at the moment. Trying to keep myself entertained while doing this. Once again...uggggh.

I figure it is good practice, though. Tomorrow I am filling out an application for Starbucks in Kroger. Woohoo! I'm gonna be a workin' woman! I dunno if I should be excited or not. I really need to start earning my own money though. I can't (as nice as this would be) mooch off of my dad forever. Unfortunately. While I'm sure that I still have a few more years before my parents shove me out the door, I really should accept a little responsibility. Not too much though. Don't want to overexert myself. :) I'll keep you posted on the job situation. Keep your fingers crossed!

Definition of the Day

Boxing Day-noun

The day after Christmas where people return presents they received because they either already had a duplicate, or just didn't like the item.

Monday, December 25, 2006

And one more thing...

Almost forgot.....

I came home from church today/yesterday and found a big yellow bag on my table. My favoritest 4th cousin 28 times removed, Mistie, had asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her I loved candles and green was my favorite color, followed closely by red and blue. She took the "I love candles" quite literally and bought me a jumbo bag of 25 tea candles, 8-10 medium sized candles and some green, blue, and red candle holders. At the moment, my bathroom looks like it is celebrating advent/Hannukah with all of the candles. PURTY!!!


P.S. Deana- I premade that post so it said 10:03 because that was the time that I actually made it in real life. And at the moment it is 1:33 AM (I just finished wrapping presents) but it will say 10:33 AM because I want this post to go to the top of my page. Sorry. No time travel this year!

Definition of the Day

Christmas- noun

A time of increased consumer spending.

"We've got everything you need for Christmas"
"Give her that perfect gift for Christmas"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been awesome thus far. My siblings and I were permitted to open our stockings and one gift each tonight. I truly let my inner geek out. My stocking had the following in it-

  1. New earphones for my iPod (the old ones have reeeeeeeally taken a beating)
  2. Earphone covers in, like, ten colors
  3. Two glow-in-the-dark iPod skins
  4. A monogrammed notebook
  5. Sour mints
  6. A removable flash drive

I loved all of my gifts, but when I pulled out the flash drive I about went psychotic. It wasn't really that I was DYING to have a flash drive, it was more that I really, really, really needed one. Our computer has everything BUT a floppy drive. So moving papers was really a pain in the butt hindquarters. But now I can move the needed item with ease and convenience! :) I am such a fa-reak.

I was also trying to play up the "big girl" image and wait until tomorrow to open my gifts. But, by the time everyone else had opened theirs, I gave in. I got two very nice jean skirts, which I most definately needed.(My poor worn out ones are developing small, but noticable holes) They are ankle length and are very flattering (in my humble opinion). Beautious.

Gabri ended up loving her "Dorla" that I got her, which she opened tonight. She didn't open the scarf tonight (you know, the scarf that she "doesn't" know about). Michael opened his movie ("Cars") from Mom and Dad tonight, which he loved. He has a chef set under the tree from me.

Mom and Dad both opened their gifts from me tonight. I got Mom this really pretty tin sculpture (tin makes it sound junky, but it's thick tin and actually really pretty) called "A Mother's Love" that shows a mother and daughter hugging. She really liked it. I got Dad some Tommy Hilfiger cologne, which he says he likes.

For all of my aunts and uncles, Grandpa, and Great Grandma (this is a work-in-progress) I am making ornaments. I am taking green Christmas Tree Glass Balls and painting snowflakes on the front and "2006" on the back in glitter glue. They are turning out rather nice if I do say so myself.

I should probably also give credit to two other people (from church) who gave me some very nich gifts. Ron and Cherie got me a very nice liquid soap set. It's a boxed set with one bottle of soap and a pouf for each day of the week. The soap smells so good! I dunno if Ron reads the blog, but Cherie does so, THANK YOU CHERIE!!!

Sis.Dee also got me a nice gift. She got me two bottles of smoothie scented (Kiwi-Strawberry and Mixed Berry) lotion. It smells yummy. I am beginning to get suspicous about the scented stuff. ;)

Anywhoooooooo....this is a much to long post for Christmas Eve, so enjoy. In case I don't blog tomorrow- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Definition of the Day

Christmas Eve- noun

Christmas Eve each year a fat man dressed in red (possibly to hide the blood) rides around on a "magical flying sleigh" led by drunk reindeers with names like Prancer ,breaks into your home,steals your cookies and leaves crappy gifts that last till Boxing Day.
He also has an army of evil munchkins who make crappy toys and kick people in their shins.
If you approach him,he'll most likely yell "ho,ho,ho!" and shoot you with his laser gun.
Be afraid children,be very afraid.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I dare someone to tell me that I am not a good big sister!
I started a scarf for Gabri about a month ago and kind of left it alone until today. She has been raving about how "Becky is making me a scarf" and so finally this morning I got so guilty I caved and worked on it.
The initial thought was "no way am I going to get this thing done before Christmas" and decided that it might just be better to let her find joy in that Feliz Navidad Dora that is wrapped and under the tree for her. But wow did I realize how much you can get done if you take NO breaks from knitting all day. (except for the occasional 5-10 minute stop to eat or do chores) What was this morning a 4 inch piece of knotted yarn is now a beautiful 2 1/2 foot scarf. Which she loves. And is wearing to church tomorrow. I will post pictures later. The unfortunate side effect of my good deed was the fact that my right hand (the hand that I have to do most of the tying and weaving with) feels like it is going to shrivel up and die. It hurts bad. Very bad.
But it is a pretty scarf. Very pretty.
In my humble opinion.


This is my new obsession. This guy basically just picks random things and throws them into a blender to see what will happen. It's awesome. Here is my favorite. (Warning: Do not consume food for 30 Minutes before watching.)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Bad Llama!

Well, I'm not a llama, but I needed to scold myself for not doing a "real" post in several days, and since I love Emperor's New Groove, well, here we are.

I suppose I should probably give an excuse for why I haven't blog. You see there was this penguin riding on a giant squid and he approached me and asked me how I would like to rule the world....

In all seriousness, my life has been pretty booooooooring the past week or so. In the past week I got all my Christmas shopping done, got a 100% on a geometry test, and the rest, as they say (who are "they" anyway?), is history. I'm pretty much psyched about Christmas so don't be shocked if I start blogging every 5 seconds over the weekend. Even the Definition of the Day [insert groans here] is coming back for the holidays. Only the 24th, 25th, and 26th though. [insert "Thank God" and "Praise His Name" here] Trust me, eventually you will get sick of me.

Unfortunately, although my blog views and visits have gone up a lot (which isn't saying much considering that I was averaging about two per day before) I am still a D-list blogger. Which is unfortunate. Another thing to do before I die. Reach 50 page visits per day and become at least a B-list blogger (Liz, did you know that you are A-List?) I know people read, but few link. It makes me sad.

And now, I descend from my soapbox.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday 13 #4

Thirteen Things That Scare Me
  1. Pigeons. I mean come on! They stare you down with those hideous red eyes and are EVERYWHERE in the big cities. It's obviously a plot to take over the world!
  2. Mice. Ew. Ew. Ew.
  3. Going outside, near a road, by myself, after dark. In 6th grade I was trick or treating with my friend and saw her mom's boyfriend get (intentionally) hit by a truck. True story.
  4. Chinatown at night. Scary beyond all reason.
  5. Reading Revelation. It's a creepy book of the Bible.
  6. Goth people. Some of the ones at my school look like they are going to pull out an M-16 right there and then.
  7. Scary movies. The person who invented Saw and Saw II needs to be locked up.
  8. Tornados. Who doesn't get scared of those?
  9. Getting sick. I am an extreme hypochondriac.
  10. Those news reports that say that a serial killer has escaped from a prison in Newark. That's only about an hour away!
  11. Forgetting to take a breath before jumping off the high dive. Trust me. It's not a good feeling.
  12. The show "Mega Disasters". There's a reason that I don't like hypothetical situations.
  13. Algebra II. The first one was bad. I don't even want to know about the second one.

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1…. Start your list here!

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Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is why we don't use thalidomide...

History buff and Billy Joel lover that I am, I had to find this video. I found the original video and pretty much hated it, but this one is pretty cool. This is my favorite song by Billy Joel called "We Didn't Start The Fire". The song is pretty amazing, but personally I find the thalidomide children creepy. That may just be me though.

Oh Christmas Tree

Get Your Own! More Flash Toys

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Brazilian Hair!

No, you aren't seeing things. That is me. With crazy hair. Not a fro, but Crazy hair. I am showing the love for #17 in that picture. Wig and all. It's all good. The game really rocked. We won 103-101. LeBron is the reason for those winning 2 points. 3.42 seconds left and he scored 2 foul shot points. It was schweet. More pictures on my dad's blog and on the Flickr link on his site.

That's who I was supposed to look like FYI.

Definition of the Day

Hamster- verb/noun

1.) Verb, HAM-STUR, to hamster, in order to survive one will eat its young. To hamster is to eat your offspring.
2.) Noun, HAM-STUR, (See ninja) A cute little animal known for its sudden violent reactions to little children holding it. Hamsters have been known to kill at any impulse, even if there is no need for eminent death of the child.

1.) The other day, I got a little rumble n my tummy, and so I decided to go hamster on my children.
2.) The hamster ate the nine year old's whole birthday party because someone dropped a spoon.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Definition of the Day

Raise Da Roof- Command

a dancing motion where by the participant pushes both hands up in the air, as if performing a soulful military press with the hands open and facing up towards the ceiling. usually done in groups.

lets raise da roof yall

Thursday 13 #3

13 Things That Make me Grin/smile/be happy
  1. Candy Canes- Yummy!
  2. Candles- Especially Candy Cane scented ones
  3. Bright Colors- Bright and shiny, like my personality (riiiiiiiiiight)
  4. Anderson Verejao- Go #17 and Brazilian accent! Woot!
  5. The #17- see 4
  6. Christmas lights- I am distracted by shiny things
  7. Jody Shelley- ok, who does not love watching someone beat the tar out of helpless hockey players on ice? can you blame me?
  8. My velveteen shoes- they're so comfy!
  9. Snow Days- SLEEP IN!
  10. DC- my favoritest place on earth
  11. Monty Python- stupid, yet hilarious
  12. Napoleon Dyanmite- he's flippin' sweet, dude
  13. Weekends-see 9

Just Got Home

Just walked in the door. So tired. Will post pictures of game tomorrow...well, later today I guess. Good Night.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Definition of The Day

Wicked- unknown

One of the greatest Broadway musicals of all time. But unfortunatly it is so popular that every single poser broadway fan sings to the point that you want to smash your soundtrack and burn your poster.

They're playing that song again? That's totally wicked!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How Much Do I <3 this cartoon?

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @
Cyanide and Happiness. Pretty much the coolest cartoon ever invented. Wierd. Like Me. That's why I like it. I actually had forgotten about it until about 5 minutes ago. I was looking up Weblog Awards (yes, I aim high. Unrealistic. But high.) and found the 2006 Best Teen Weblog Winner- Angelique of It's Raining Noodles- and she had a link to it on her blog. My (once again, aiming way high) aspiration is to enter the 2007 Weblog Awards under the Best Teen Weblog category. My chances of winning are about the same as an anvil falling on my head at this very second as I write this, but I think it might be fun.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @


I did mention that I love that word, didn't I? It actually does have a slight meaning.
  1. I caught a touch of the bug (yes, fever and everything to prove that I was not faking) and had to stay home today.
  2. I have no other good name for this post.

Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better already, because tomorrow I am going on a field trip and (for those of you who know him, how scary is this) Dad is chaperoning. For FCCLA (the Home Ec club that I am in) we are going to "Career Day with The Cavs" in Cleveland at The Q (AKA The Quicken Loans Arena). There will be seminars on topics such as Player Development, Food Service, Technology of The Q, and a bunch of other stuff. Afterwards, we get to go to a Cavs (that's the Cleveland Caveliers, by the way) game versus North Carolina. How much does this cost? $20 for me and nothing for Dad. That is SCHWEET! The only (minor) downfall is that we will get home at around midnight. Soooo... I will probably not be blogging tomorrow, other than Definition of the Day, which I just have to push "Publish" because it is premade. Speaking of which, I have a question. Definition really doesn't get a lot of comments and since I just started it I am wondering if I should just chuck it. If you read this blog, please vote in this poll.

Should Definition of the Day stay or go?
Make it a less frequent thing, not daily, but keep it
Free polls from

Definition of the Day

Widjididja- compound word

interrogative. a question; inquisition meaning "With you, did you" in Redneck.
"Hey, you deedn't bring yer truck widjadidja?"

Monday, December 11, 2006

Profile Pic

I took Liz's advice and changed my profile pic to my "much too grown up picture". Comments would be lovely....just a hint..

Pantafluffs Hosadaz

Today was a loooong day. I was so ready to be out of school it was not funny. When I got home today it was such a relief. Here's the LD (look at me tryin' to be cool using initials.)
This weekend (beginning at the beginning) I got a call from my friend Blondie (using codenames because there are people who read my blog who know these people and I don't want to offend, but need to vent. Sorry. Leave me a comment and scold me if I shouldn't do it anymore) on my cell. At least that's what my caller ID said. I picked up the phone. So not Blondie. It was rather Scissors (sorry. My codenames need help. Feel free to make suggestions) who is Blondie's serious boyfriend's brother who according to my aunt, uncle, and several good friends likes me. Ick. But, hastening on, I asked Scissors how he had gotten Blondie's phone, and why he was calling me. He explained that Blondie had told him that he should call me just to talk. Not sure whether I should laugh it off or get very very mad at Blondie, I politely explained to Scissors that I could not talk at the moment, said good-bye politely, and hung up. I thought that I handled the situation like a lady, Thank you much. I still haven't decided whether to laugh or explode. Laughing seems to be better. I may go with that.
In second period today, my day kind of took a nosedive. I had to give my PowerPoint on Child Abuse in Parenting and I really hate public speaking. I stammered, but Mrs. Melick told me that I did great. She's nice like that. She asked me to come up during third period to work on these stockings that FCCLA is making for KCH (the local hospital) , the local domestic abuse shelter, and this program to place juveniles with legal problems (their parents are in trouble, not them). I got rubber cement all over my fingers. It was icky. (I love that word) That wasn't so much a bad part of the day so much as the fact that it felt like 6th period alreay in 3rd. In Bio, I got my test that I was sure that I bombed back. I got a 73% which is not nearly as bad as I supected, but still pretty bad. Spanish was pretty fun as usual. It always perks up my day. We played a review game and I won and got a Homework Pass to use at my liesure. It was all good. Unfortunately, on the way to lunch, my day went down again. I had to miss about ten minutes of lunch due to a bloody nose. Ick. To make it worse, I was wearing a white sweatshirt. Double ick. Thank goodness I had gotten my Spanish Club T-Shirt today. After the crimson stream stopped I changed in the bathroom. My shirt was both unstained and stylish, so it was all good.
When I got home from school, I watched Ice Age 2 with my sister. It is really cute. Then I got online and checked my page views. They have gone way up. Blogging Chicks was a good idea, let me tell you (thanks again for adding me, Michele). We ate dinner and then I decided that I would teach my sister, who loves all things "Dorla" and Spanish, some stuff from my Spanish lesson today. If you ask her to tell you "pink slippers", she will now giggle and say "pantafluffs hosadaz" (her version of "pantuflas rosadas"). It is too cute for words.


Ok, people. On the sidebar you will notice these two little treasures-


D-List Blogger This is bad..... very bad.

and the little Technorati linking thing.

A D-List blogger is very bad. VERY VERY Bad. I have joined several bloglists over the past few days trying desperately to generate traffic. Newer readers or whoever, if you would use the thing on the sidebar to link to my blog I would be eternally greatful!

Now PLEASE go forth and link.

Definition of the Day

fo shizzle

Slang for "for sure". Though most people attribute it to Snoop Dogg, fo shizzle can be traced back originally to E-40 from Vallejo, California. Bay Area like what.

While originating out of hip-hop culture, this phrase has been overused to the point of triteness. Its most famous usage is

Fo shizzle, my nizzle.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


I have heard Dad talk obsessively about how much he loves this music engine called RadioPraise. It is powered by Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am in no way opposed to secular music. I actually listen to The Fray and Beatles and a bunch of other non-Christian bands. But today I was just having one of those days today where I needed Christian music and nothing else would help me feel better. I love this site now. I highly reccomend it. bored

9 lasts:

Last dollar spent: On my purty lights.
Last cigarette: neverrr.
Last beverage: pepsi
Last movie: Started Last of the Mohicans
Last phone call: Ick. Don't remind me.
Last song played:Listening to RadioPraise
Last bubble bath: a few weeks ago
Last time you cried: earlier today
Last thing you ate: Hot Fudge Cake

8 have you evers.

Have you ever dated a best friend: yes.
Have you ever skinny dipped: no
Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: no.
Have you ever lost someone you loved: yes.
Have you ever been dumped: yes.
Have you ever been drunk and threw up: never.
Have you ever ran away: no
Have you ever wanted someone u thought u couldnt have then found out they liked you: riiiiight

7 states you've been to.


6 things you've done today: (in no particular order...)

Worked on the scarf I'm knitting for Aunt Faith (hope she doesn't read this)
Taught Sunday School
Beat up my brother (non-violently. just playing)
Drove to Minerva
Admired my purty lights
Yelled at my brothers cat to get off of my bed (she's still laying there)

5 of your favorite things in no order.

Peppermint Stick Ice Cream

4 people you can tell [almost] anything to in no order..

Aunt Faith

3 things that make you smile.

Christmas Lights
A corny joke

2 things you want to do before you die.

Get Married
Act on broadway

1 person you tag


Definition of the Day

Dippin' Dots-noun

Dippin' Dots are tiny beads of ice cream. They are said to be "the worlds coldest ice cream" due to the fact that they are kept frozen at -40 degrees.

There are multiple flavors:
Banana Slpit, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum, Java Delight, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, and Strawberry.

Dippin' Dots are often found in amusement parks, stadiums, malls, and fairs.

When dippin' dots are left to melt in the sun, they leave an unforgettable odor; it's very nasty.

Ice cream of the future!

Note: they are often overpriced. (8 dollars for 8 oz)

Rich: I could use some ice cream.
Chris: Let's go get some dippin' dots!
Rich: But i only have 4 dollars.
Chris: that's ok, you can get a 3 oz cup!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Then and Now

Scenario: Jack pulls into school parking lot with rifle in gun rack.

1973 - Vice Principal comes over, takes a look at Jack's rifle, goes to his car and gets his to show Jack.

2006 - School goes into lockdown, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in for traumatized students and teachers.

Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fist fight after school.

1973 - Crowd gathers. Mark wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best friends. Nobody goes to jail, nobo dy arrested, nobody expelled.

2006 - Police called, SWAT team ar rives, arrests Johnny and Mark. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++++++ +
Scenario: Jeffrey won't be still in class, disrupts other students.

1973 - Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by Principal. Sits still in class.

2006 - Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie. School gets extra money from state because Jeffrey has a disability.
&nbs p;
++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++
Scenario: Billy breaks a window in his father's car and his Dad gives him a whipping.

1973 - Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal, goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.

2006 - Billy's Dad is arrested for child abuse. Billy r emoved to foster care and joins a gang. Billy's sister is told by state psychologist that she remembers being abused herself and their Dad goes to prison. Billy's mom has affair with psychologist.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++++++
Scenario: Mark gets a headache and takes some headache medicine to


1973 - Mark shares headache medicine with Principal out on the smoking dock.

2006 - Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations. Car searched for drugs and weapons.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ ++++
Scenario: Mary turns up pregnant.

1973 - 5 High School Boys leave town. Mary does her senior year at a special school for expectant mothers.

2006 - Middle School Counselor calls Planned Parenthood, who notifies the ACLU. Mary is driven to the next stat e over and gets an abortion without her parent's consent or knowledge. Mary given condoms and told to be more careful next time.

++++++++++++ +++++++++ +++++
Scenario: Pedro fails high school English.

1973 : Pedro goes to summer school, passes English, goes to college.

2006 : Pedro's cause is taken up by state democratic party. Newspaper articles appear nationally explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist. ACLU files class action lawsuit against state school system and Pedro's English teacher. English banned from core curriculum. Pedro given diploma anyway but ends up mowing lawns for a living because he can't speak English.

++++++++++++ +++++++++
Scenario: Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from the 4t h of July, puts them in a model airplane paint bottle, blows up a red ant bed.

1973 - Ants die.

2006 - BATF, Homeland Security, FBI called. Johnny charged with domestic terrorism, FBI investigates parents, siblings removed from home, computers confiscated, Johnny's Dad goes on a terror watch list and is never allowed to fly again.

++++++++++++ +++++++++
Scenario: Johnny falls while running during rec ess and scrapes his knee. He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. Mary, hugs him to comfort him.

1973 - In a short time Johnny feels better and goes on playing.

2006 - Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job. She faces 3 years in State Prison. Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.

Decked Out

My room is very christmassy right now. I went out and bought some lights and a Candy Cane scented candle. Yummy. I will try to post pics later.

Definition of the Day

luv- unknown
A casual way of saying you really like someone without freaking them out by saying I love you. Commonly used by people early on in relationships, where it is too soon to say I love you.

Luv may develop into love but it is not love.

{Dating for two weeks...Text Message}

Guy: Meet you after work,luv, Bob.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Pretty Colors...

A joke from Gabri.

Gabri: What is red and blue and orange and red and yellow and purple and red and lives in a tree?

Me: A bird?

Gabri: *thinks a minute* Yeah, but what color is it?


Because I love Liz and imitation is the greatest form of flattery (or something along those lines) and because I get purty much -zippo- traffic to my site I have joined....BLOGGING CHICKS!! YAY! Big cheer for me!

Definition of the Day

like- verbal punctuation
The way of verbally expressing a comma. Used mostly to introduce a qoute, it is also used randomly by irritating teenagers and people who dropped out of school or have never read a book above the literary standard of Guns 'n' Ammo. It can be exchanged with a number of other phrases, including I was all.

1. To introduce a quote: So I was like, "duuuude" and he was all "baaaabe".
2. Randomly: Like, oh my gosh, that is, like, so wrong.


<------- That right there. That is what I think of the no cancellation and the stupid weatherman who said an inch of snow. The wind chill is 0 degrees. COME ON!! SOME OF US HAVE TO WAIT FOR A BUS IN THIS!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

In Intercessory Prayer

Guess who has their PJ's on inside out and is praying for a snow day? ME!! 1 inch supposed to fall tonight and already some on the ground. PRAY SAINTS, PRAY!!!

The Day at a Glance

*Note: For those of you who dislike or preferred my old layout better, I was trying to make my blog more user-friendly for readers who have more archaic means of internet (i.e. dial-up) and the layout took forever to load.

I had a rather interesting day today. I had my debate for English today and was extremely nervous about it. With good reason. My team lost 19-2. Ouch. Using my definition of the day- we got "pwn'd".

In Study Hall, I realized that the school has decided to install a new system that blocks pretty much everything. Including Blogger. This is not fun. I also decided to do a research project on the Holy Grail, rather than the sequel to Camelot.

This week, I have not gotten to bed before 11:15-11:30. This is making me very tired. I intend on sleeping in the car on the way to Minerva tonight. Anyway, we were taking notes on cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentation, and why this simply fascinates me, as I was taking notes, I managed to drift off for about 30 seconds every 5 minutes or so. It was quite annoying.

In Spanish we watched Shrek.

In World Studies we had a pop quiz.

In Geometry I got the highest grade on the quiz although I was absent yesterday and missed 1/3 of the material for the quiz. It rocked.

Thursday 13 #2

Thirteen Things To Do Before I Die

  1. Go to NYC and Paris
  2. Get my MD
  3. Have 5 kids
  4. Find a cure for cancer
  5. Keep a goldfish alive for 1 month and 1 day
  6. Discover the meaning of life
  7. Learn how to make Baked Alaska
  8. Read my whole Bible in a year
  9. Get my ministerial liscense
  10. Act on Broadway
  11. Go on a Carribean Cruise
  12. Get Married
  13. Finish writing a story

Definition of the Day

PWN (verb) (Pronounced pone)

1. An act of dominating an opponent.

2. Great, ingenious; applied to methods and objects.

Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer mispelled "Own" as "Pwn". What was originally supose to be "player has been owned." was "player has been pwned".

Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.

1. "I pwn these guys on battlenet"

2. "This strategy pwns!" or "This game pwn."


I can link to Liz's blog now!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Please note the changes to my blog. And leave me a message on the sidebar.......

Brain Lock

This stupid Arthurian project has to be ready on Tuesday and I have brain lock. I am giving serious thought to just doing a poster. Play writing is too hard.

Today is another messed up day. I have to go to the Career Center today so that they can bribe persuade us fairly to come to their school next year. My friend, Jessica, is in Health Technologies, so I signed up for that, so that maybe I will see her and class won't be so boring. Most of my friends last names are in the beginning of the alphabet, so they are going this morning, but mine is at the end, so I don't get to go till later. Bummer.

Definition of the Day

lol- abbreviation
It's original definition was "Laughing out loud" (also written occasionally as "Lots of Laughs"), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations.

Now, it is overused to the point where nobody laughs out loud when they say it. In fact, they probably don't even give a care about what you just wrote. More accurately, the acronym "lol" should be redefined as "Lack of laughter."

Depending on the chatter, its definition may vary. The list of its meanings includes, but is not limited to:
1) "I have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this conversation."
2) "I'm too lazy to read what you just wrote so I'm typing something useless in hopes that you'll think I'm still paying attention."
3) "Your statement lacks even the vaguest trace of humor but I'll pretend I'm amused."
4) "This is a pointless acronym I'm sticking in my sentence just because it's become so engraved into my mind that when chatting, I MUST use the meaningless sentence-filler 'lol.'"

See: rofl, heh, haha, lolol, and 120 for similarities.

Statement: Sorry if I'm not too cheery, my best friend just died yesterday.
Worthless Reply: lol

Statement: The golden ratio is truely an intersting aspect of not only mathematics, but art as well.
Worthless Reply: lol

Statement: ... And then he says, "Your mom goes to college!"
Worthless Reply: lol

Statement: Hey, are you doing anything tonight? You could come over to my house and play some Unreal Tournie...
Worthless Reply: lol, ok

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Definition of the Day

babysit, verb indure massive amounts of painful boredom, while watching an iratating little child for a set amount of time. reward is generally monetary. Pay is great in DE
2. (VERY RARE)to be alowed to participate in the emenslly enjoyable sport of sitting on young children.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Full Day

After praying intently last night that the flurries we had, combined with the 19 degree temperatures, would lead to a snow day, only to have my dreams split at the seams, I grudgingly came to school today. I turned in my mungo position paper, thankful to have it out of my life and on to my permenent record forever and continued on with my boring life. In Parenting we had a serious scare. One of the girls in my class apparently told the girl next to her that she felt like she was going to pass out. Her friend told her to tell Mrs.Melick. The girl then fell over off of her chair onto the floor. Her eyes were wide open and she was twitching. We all got sent out of the room and were given strict orders to work on the worksheet we had been doing. Of course, none of us could concentrate, so we all just kind of sat there. Her dad came and is taking her to the doctor and she appeared to be ok, just really tired and shaken up. So now I am sitting here in Study Hall, being bored as ever. Here's the most recent excerpt from my project:

Setting: Local hermitage. Two hours later. A rugged looking gentleman (Hermit 1) is sitting by a fire roasting what appears to be a sewer rat.

Hermit 1: [has French accent] Aha! Magnifique! Sewer rat!
[Hermit 2 enters, carrying what appears to be a club and a cloth bag with the words “Ye Olde Piggly Wiggly” written on it.]
Hermit 2: [has Scottish accent] Aha! Stoatin! Sewer rat!
Hermit 1: [glares at Hermit 2] Now see here, good fellow! This is my sewer rat. I have roasted and salted it to the perfection that is required for French cuisine, so you must just run along.
Hermit 2: Sir, I have not eaten in days! Please give me just a morsel of that magnificent creature!
Hermit 1: [spots a steak, pork roast, and head of lettuce in Hermit 2’s bag] Well, what do you call that?
Hermit 2: Call what?
Hermit 1: That there in your bag,
Hermit 2: [ stares at bag and then throws it behind him] What bag?
Hermit 1: Kind sir, I presume you to be a thief.
[Arthur and Bedivere enter stage left and stare at the confrontation between the two hermits with interest, confusion and disgust.]
Hermit 2: You dare insult me sir?
Hermit 1: That I do.
Hermit 2: Well, then, [raises club and charges] ON GUARD!!!
[Hermit 1 pulls a glistening sword out, presumably out of no where, and chops off Hermit 2’s head. Hermit 2 runs around for a bit without his head and then falls over, twitching.]

It is Monty Python-esque, isn't it?

Next period, I have a lab report to turn in and after school I have an FCCLA meeting. A very full day.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Phenolphthalein by candlelight.....

Well, my parents are always telling me to embrace my inner nerd/geek and I think that that title pretty much fulfilled that need. Next task. Well, I should probably explain my title. (Sorry Sis.Jewel. No wild pursuing male yet. *grin* Sort of.) Anyway, as with much of the city, at around 11:00 on Friday, the electricity in MVHS went out. I was in fourth period Biology doing a lab on the effects of excercise on the human body. There is a guy in my Bio class who has a huge crush on me and therefore just "happened" to volunteer to be my partner on this lab. So he was my test subject and as I was writing down the last number on my data sheet, the power went out.
"All right, Dude! How's that for accuracy?!" He exclaimed and then went in for a high five. I ended up getting punched in the face. Reeeeeeeally didn't help his cause a whole lot.
The school day was pretty much a bust. Mr.Kaufman did make my class take our test, despite the lack of light, but we got out an hour early. It was wonderful.