Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I did mention that I love that word, didn't I? It actually does have a slight meaning.
  1. I caught a touch of the bug (yes, fever and everything to prove that I was not faking) and had to stay home today.
  2. I have no other good name for this post.

Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better already, because tomorrow I am going on a field trip and (for those of you who know him, how scary is this) Dad is chaperoning. For FCCLA (the Home Ec club that I am in) we are going to "Career Day with The Cavs" in Cleveland at The Q (AKA The Quicken Loans Arena). There will be seminars on topics such as Player Development, Food Service, Technology of The Q, and a bunch of other stuff. Afterwards, we get to go to a Cavs (that's the Cleveland Caveliers, by the way) game versus North Carolina. How much does this cost? $20 for me and nothing for Dad. That is SCHWEET! The only (minor) downfall is that we will get home at around midnight. Soooo... I will probably not be blogging tomorrow, other than Definition of the Day, which I just have to push "Publish" because it is premade. Speaking of which, I have a question. Definition really doesn't get a lot of comments and since I just started it I am wondering if I should just chuck it. If you read this blog, please vote in this poll.

Should Definition of the Day stay or go?
Make it a less frequent thing, not daily, but keep it
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