Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been awesome thus far. My siblings and I were permitted to open our stockings and one gift each tonight. I truly let my inner geek out. My stocking had the following in it-

  1. New earphones for my iPod (the old ones have reeeeeeeally taken a beating)
  2. Earphone covers in, like, ten colors
  3. Two glow-in-the-dark iPod skins
  4. A monogrammed notebook
  5. Sour mints
  6. A removable flash drive

I loved all of my gifts, but when I pulled out the flash drive I about went psychotic. It wasn't really that I was DYING to have a flash drive, it was more that I really, really, really needed one. Our computer has everything BUT a floppy drive. So moving papers was really a pain in the butt hindquarters. But now I can move the needed item with ease and convenience! :) I am such a fa-reak.

I was also trying to play up the "big girl" image and wait until tomorrow to open my gifts. But, by the time everyone else had opened theirs, I gave in. I got two very nice jean skirts, which I most definately needed.(My poor worn out ones are developing small, but noticable holes) They are ankle length and are very flattering (in my humble opinion). Beautious.

Gabri ended up loving her "Dorla" that I got her, which she opened tonight. She didn't open the scarf tonight (you know, the scarf that she "doesn't" know about). Michael opened his movie ("Cars") from Mom and Dad tonight, which he loved. He has a chef set under the tree from me.

Mom and Dad both opened their gifts from me tonight. I got Mom this really pretty tin sculpture (tin makes it sound junky, but it's thick tin and actually really pretty) called "A Mother's Love" that shows a mother and daughter hugging. She really liked it. I got Dad some Tommy Hilfiger cologne, which he says he likes.

For all of my aunts and uncles, Grandpa, and Great Grandma (this is a work-in-progress) I am making ornaments. I am taking green Christmas Tree Glass Balls and painting snowflakes on the front and "2006" on the back in glitter glue. They are turning out rather nice if I do say so myself.

I should probably also give credit to two other people (from church) who gave me some very nich gifts. Ron and Cherie got me a very nice liquid soap set. It's a boxed set with one bottle of soap and a pouf for each day of the week. The soap smells so good! I dunno if Ron reads the blog, but Cherie does so, THANK YOU CHERIE!!!

Sis.Dee also got me a nice gift. She got me two bottles of smoothie scented (Kiwi-Strawberry and Mixed Berry) lotion. It smells yummy. I am beginning to get suspicous about the scented stuff. ;)

Anywhoooooooo....this is a much to long post for Christmas Eve, so enjoy. In case I don't blog tomorrow- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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Cherie said... wasn't that I thought you needed "smelly goods" but bathing in the sentiment behind each one might make ya feel better about a lot of things! (sure, suds will solve it all) :o)

Good going on getting the scarf done - see what you can do when you set your heart-n-hand to it?
:-} (thinking of all these lists of things you hope to accomplish in life)

Glad that you all had a great Christmas! (geeky gifts-n-all!):o)