Friday, December 15, 2006

It's Brazilian Hair!

No, you aren't seeing things. That is me. With crazy hair. Not a fro, but Crazy hair. I am showing the love for #17 in that picture. Wig and all. It's all good. The game really rocked. We won 103-101. LeBron is the reason for those winning 2 points. 3.42 seconds left and he scored 2 foul shot points. It was schweet. More pictures on my dad's blog and on the Flickr link on his site.

That's who I was supposed to look like FYI.


Jewel said...

Becky!! You look like Little Orphan Annie, the cartoon character!! How cute!! But we know you aren't an orphan!! LOL

Cherie said...

Lovely lookin' locks there, Becky! LOL ...glad you didn't go with the goatee! :o) *Wild Thing*
Ya know, (sports buff I'm not)...I kept lookin' at his socks-n-shoes, thinkin' IS THAT DRESS APPAREL that he's wearin'???? LOL!!! {shoes look shiny!} :o)

So did you get the jersey???