Friday, December 22, 2006

Bad Llama!

Well, I'm not a llama, but I needed to scold myself for not doing a "real" post in several days, and since I love Emperor's New Groove, well, here we are.

I suppose I should probably give an excuse for why I haven't blog. You see there was this penguin riding on a giant squid and he approached me and asked me how I would like to rule the world....

In all seriousness, my life has been pretty booooooooring the past week or so. In the past week I got all my Christmas shopping done, got a 100% on a geometry test, and the rest, as they say (who are "they" anyway?), is history. I'm pretty much psyched about Christmas so don't be shocked if I start blogging every 5 seconds over the weekend. Even the Definition of the Day [insert groans here] is coming back for the holidays. Only the 24th, 25th, and 26th though. [insert "Thank God" and "Praise His Name" here] Trust me, eventually you will get sick of me.

Unfortunately, although my blog views and visits have gone up a lot (which isn't saying much considering that I was averaging about two per day before) I am still a D-list blogger. Which is unfortunate. Another thing to do before I die. Reach 50 page visits per day and become at least a B-list blogger (Liz, did you know that you are A-List?) I know people read, but few link. It makes me sad.

And now, I descend from my soapbox.

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Liz (formerly known as Tess) said...

I'm an A Lister? Move over Brangelina.