Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday 13 #2

Thirteen Things To Do Before I Die

  1. Go to NYC and Paris
  2. Get my MD
  3. Have 5 kids
  4. Find a cure for cancer
  5. Keep a goldfish alive for 1 month and 1 day
  6. Discover the meaning of life
  7. Learn how to make Baked Alaska
  8. Read my whole Bible in a year
  9. Get my ministerial liscense
  10. Act on Broadway
  11. Go on a Carribean Cruise
  12. Get Married
  13. Finish writing a story


Liz (formerly known as Tess) said...

happy T13! I don't have one today, but i will be re-working that soon, I hope.

Theresa said...

Beck, this is cute. Are you going to try to act on Broadway before or after your ministerial license??? And is there a time-line on where these entries might fit???