Sunday, December 03, 2006

Phenolphthalein by candlelight.....

Well, my parents are always telling me to embrace my inner nerd/geek and I think that that title pretty much fulfilled that need. Next task. Well, I should probably explain my title. (Sorry Sis.Jewel. No wild pursuing male yet. *grin* Sort of.) Anyway, as with much of the city, at around 11:00 on Friday, the electricity in MVHS went out. I was in fourth period Biology doing a lab on the effects of excercise on the human body. There is a guy in my Bio class who has a huge crush on me and therefore just "happened" to volunteer to be my partner on this lab. So he was my test subject and as I was writing down the last number on my data sheet, the power went out.
"All right, Dude! How's that for accuracy?!" He exclaimed and then went in for a high five. I ended up getting punched in the face. Reeeeeeeally didn't help his cause a whole lot.
The school day was pretty much a bust. Mr.Kaufman did make my class take our test, despite the lack of light, but we got out an hour early. It was wonderful.


Jewel said...

Soooo, is this young man, unco-ordinated as he seems, a possible loooooooove interest???? Details!

Theresa said...

He high-fived your face??? I hope you didn't get hurt, but I'm sure that he was incredibly embarrassed!!! Talk about your drop through the floor moments!

Rebecca said...

Sorry, Sis. Jewel, no interest there. None at all. In fact, icky!

No, Sis.Theresa, I didn't get hurt and he was pretty red. He apologized profusely.

Cherie said...

Well, ya's the ones who chase you around the playground, pull your pigtails and pinch you {yeah, those *icky* boys} that come calling later in life!
What better way to connect than a high-5 to the face! LOL

Maybe you should have konked him when the lights went out! :o)