Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Definition of the Day

babysit, verb
1.to indure massive amounts of painful boredom, while watching an iratating little child for a set amount of time. reward is generally monetary. Pay is great in DE
2. (VERY RARE)to be alowed to participate in the emenslly enjoyable sport of sitting on young children.



Theresa said...

Becky, as you know, Ross would tell you that babysitting is cruel and should be reserved for brats. Child care can pay very well, but most parents that pay well, expect you to not only watch their child, but play with it, pamper it, and clean up after it.

Rebecca said...

Actually, I have had very good experiences with baby-sitting. My last consistent job paid $5 an hour and the kids were very fun and well behaved. I just thought this was funny, because I have had the occasional brat (no names *grin*)