Monday, August 28, 2006

Back to Mount Vernon

When I was little, I was always really excited when people who had left our church to go somewhere else came back to visit. I never thought I would be one of them. My family and I went to Mount Vernon for chuch last night, because the Borliks were doing a family revival. So, when we got there everyone was excited to see us. It was good to be missed. I ended up sitting with Mistie in church, who I have decided I am not allowed to sit by anymore. LOL. She kept making me laugh during service. Good thing it was a children's service and they were laughing anyway, so I wasn't too conspicuous. For example, Sis. Borlik went around and passed out imaginary rocks as part of the object lesson. She said something, supposed to be hypothetical, about "what does your rock look like". Mistie turned to me and said "He's green and his name is Gus." I about died. So then, we were supposed to close our hand around the rock, which suffocated poor Gus. By the time we could open our hands again, Gus was a blue rock and not even Mistie doing CPR saved him. LOL. It was too funny. Well, I better get off here so that I can go to school.

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Theresa said...

You two weren't behaving too badly or I would have been snapping my fingers at you! It really was good to see you again. Love you lots!