Saturday, August 19, 2006

New Blogger

I switched to Blogger Beta. It rocks. Doesn't do much that I know of, but apparently it is supposed to be better so I switched. Had a good day today. Went to Great Lakes Science Center. It was pretty cool. We went to the OMNIMAX, which is alot like IMAX, but a lot bigger. Made me and Mom really dizzy and having a T-Rex from a commercial jump into your face isn't all that fun, but otherwise it was awesome. The movie was about ancient Greece. It was awesome. The Science Center reminded me of COSI before the ruined it...I mean, moved. It was awesome. Their medical exhibit was fantastic. It had a MRI machine that you could "scan" a plastic person in and wheelchair races and videos of heart caths. It was awesome.

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Jewel said...

I feel exactly as you do, Becky, about COSI in Columbus! I just don't care for it nearly as much since they moved it. *sigh* The last time we went was...well, it was a long time ago, but anywayyyy....I watched a movie about the Serengetti *sp* in the IMAX theater. It was soooo cool! Our homeschool group went to an IMAX theater in Westerville, I believe it was and saw some kind of underwater movie. It was really neat, too, to have all of these fishes and sea creatures swimming all around you!