Thursday, November 09, 2006

Opening Night- The inside story

Tonight was probably one of the most fun evenings that I have ever had in my life. Our director said that a normal Thursday night crowd hardly fills up the middle section. Tonight the theater was packed. There were a few mishaps of course. In the Munchkinland scene, I slid on my skirt. In the Jitterbug scene, my dance partner fell into the curtain. It was hilarious. All in all, the performance was great.


Deana said...

AwwI'm sorry I missed it! I totally want to be there!!!!!
Love ya!
Call me! lol

Cherie (FaeriFlora) said...

I guess if we had told you to "break a leg"...that could have actually occurred! :o) (it's the little unexpected mishaps that make it "come alive"! LOL)