Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things I have Never Done
  1. Kissed someone
  2. Gone Overseas
  3. Finished a story past chapter 6
  4. Taken the SAT/ACT
  5. Worn contacts
  6. Cut my hair
  7. Broken a bone
  8. Gotten a piercing
  9. Read my entire bible
  10. Graduated
  11. Applied to a college
  12. Performed Open Heart Surgery
  13. Kept a goldfish alive for more than 1 month


Cherie said... how about telling us some of the things you HAVE done??

You still might accomplish a lot on that list..and be glad that you did! (a few things though, I can see where you might be glad you didn't LOL)

And because *kissing* rated #1, I have the perfect gift for you on Sunday! :o) (no, it's not a toad! LOL)

Dad said...

Hey, hey- there will be no gifts and kissing going on in my church thank you very much.don

Theresa said...

Ross wants to know if Cliff Notes go past chapter 6????

Rebecca said...

ch.6 of what?

Rebecca said...

oh wait...i just got that.... i meant writing-wise, not reading

Cherie said...

Well, I recall a whole lotta {{hugging}} goin' on one Sunday afternoon! :o}

Rebecca said...

Which Sunday afternoon was that?

Cherie said...

After service w/your aunt and uncle! :-} ...
then again after communion :-}

Just spreadin' the LUV, aren't we all? :o}