Friday, November 17, 2006

Girls Day Out

For about two weeks, Rachel and I have been planning to go downtown and hang out. So, today after school we walked to each other's houses, dropped off our bookbags and went downtown. First stop was Sips, where we always go and hang out. It's a coffee shop on the corner right by the square. Its awesome. We got frappes, me chocolate, her caramel mocha and then continued on our way. We went to Paragraph's which is right next door. She wanted to get a new book and it was too expensive. Next door to Paragraph's is Pink Cupcake Bakery. They have some awesome stuff. We each bought a OSU cookie and a (shocker here) Pink Cupcake. Personally, I think that they put WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY too much icing on them, but for 99 cents who am I to complain. So, now we're just wasting time and go to Aunt Bee's Quilts and More, because we are both knitting addicts. Unfortunately, they had no knitting needles and sent us next door to some knitting store that I don't remember the name of. It was very fun.


Jewel said...

Gosh, but it does sound like you had a fun evening, Becky! I'm glad you got to just have a fun evening with your girlfriend after all of the fun and frenzy and then let-down of the musical being over. Have a great weekend!

Deana said...

Becky..... You promised me on the phone you were going to send me a picture of you in your costume.... WHERE IS IT|?!?!?!?! I wanna see it.... lol