Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, now that I have posted the pictures (at least the ones that Dad uploaded), I suppose I should finish up talking about the play. We got 3 standing O's. We did the play 3 nights. That is pretty good. The theater was packed and as far as I know, the last night there were no mishaps. Awesomized. Afterwards, there was the cast party.

Now, being the resident geek of the school I have never really gotten invited to a party, so this was a really big thing for me. I got there at about 10:45 and begged my mom to let me stay till 1 AM. She said to call at 12:30 and we would talk. So I go in and this house was SWEET! It had high cielings, finished basement, the works. There is food out and the original Wizard of Oz is on and then in the finished basement they were showing the video from dress rehearsal. So the high school cast of 34 is crammed into the Oldham's basement and I was one of the lucky ones that got the couch. There were 4 of us crammed on a 2-3 person couch. It was me, the assistant stage manager, Russel (the tinman), and Bruce (the lion). So, I'm pumped with adrenaline so I don't think I'm tired. At about 11:30 the adrenaline wears off and I find myself nodding off, and realize that I start leaning towards Bruce. So my (as my health teacher called it) "Oh-Crap" reflex kicks in and I think "Ok, any second now, he's gonna turn to me and say 'Dude, personal space.'." So I called home to avoid an awkward situation.

After Dad laughed at me for almost falling asleep at a party, he came and got me. I went home and crashed.

I'm bummed that the play is over. But exhaustion is keeping me sane.


Deana said...

you....you didnt post a picture of you!!!! thats what I wanted to see!!! not all of those people that I dont know... lol Post a picture of you in outfit....

Liz said...

glad you had such a great time. those pictures made me nostalgic for the bandroom :)

Jewel said...

I'm with Deana! I want to see a pic of YOU! Please??????

FaeriFlora said...

Looks and sounds like it turned out terrific w/tons of fun for everyone (cast and audience alike)!
Great that you got out there and enjoyed taking part in the production! (after-party pooper that you may be! LOL):o)
I'm w/everyone else - LET'S SEE A PICTURE OF YOU in your getup! :-} (all I got to see was what went on your feet)
Great memories in the making! (takes me back to junior high, dressed in a ruffled gingham dress, hair in pig tails, {go ahead and laugh} *groan*, holding a huge sucker, and singing on stage
"Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows") Good for a grand chuckle when you get older! :-P
Let's see THAT OUTFIT!!!