Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgivin Part 2

I had an awesome Thanksgiving.For me the holiday actually started on Wednesday, though. My aunt and I had planned on watching girly movies and stuff that night and so after I went to my Aunt Sandy's to help set up for Thanksgiving, we started to head back to the trailer. As we were approaching the road to turn on, Dawn Kramer called. Her youngest foster son had been running a fever of 103 for over 24 hours and she wanted to take him to Children's. But, she didn't want to take him by herself. So, me and Aunt Julie went with her. We got there at around midnight. We waited for him to get into triage and they gave him Motrin and we waited in the waiting room until about 2. We went back to the exam room thinking that the end was near. A nurse came in at about 3:30.At 4 AM the doctor came in to check him out. He said that the baby had and ear infection and upper respitory infection. He perscribed Amoxycillin and fluids and said someone would be in shortly and we could go home. At 4:30 another doctor came in and checked on him and said that we could go home soon. At 5:30 someone brought in our perscription, and we ended up leaving at about 6 AM. At 7 AM we got home and went to sleep until 9:30 when we had to get groceries for dinner.
So all throughout the day I was exhausted. Thanksgiving was awesome and I probably took 2 or 3 short naps through the day. Later on, me and Aunt Julie made up for our movie night. We watched a movie and slept in until 11:30 this morning. It's been a fun time. We're getting ready to Mansfield.

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