Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Grand Finale (An illustrated post)

Some of the Osians
Cast picture during intermission

Russel (Tinman) Meredith (Wicked Witch) Lyndsey (Dorothy) Bruce(Lion) Mark(Scarecrow)
Oops. We forgot Glinda (Liz)

Sally was trying to be scary, even though the we all know that the lullaby league is probably the least scary thing on earth.

Um.....Shayna and Sally being....awkward?

Meredith (Wicked Witch) and Liz (Glinda) with my sister
Mark proving that he does not have a brain (he was the scarecrow)
Our makeup table. So we aren't the neatest people on earth

Bruce being transformed into the lion
Tyler (Wizard of Oz) and Luke (Osian Guard)
Bored before the show. Sarah (the mayor) is making fun of Glynnis (city founder) and Brittany (city founder) for making snowflakes out of pipe cleaners

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