Saturday, November 11, 2006

If you're too late I am so sorry...

Well, I got some of the greatest news ever last night. For the first time ever in Mr. Ward and Mrs. Bell's career (those are our directors) MVHS has sold out tickets to last night and tonights shows and people were so desperate to get tickets that we have standing room only for last night and tonight!!!!! It was so awesome. We were cheering and jumping around the green room last night. The reason we had standing room only was that Mrs.Bell filled some mail orders wrong so we had 5 standing last night and I have no idea how many for tonight! I was psyched! It was amazing!

Last nights performance was nothing short of amazing. Our audience was so great and supportive. We actually tested them on this a little bit. During the Munchkinland scene we had a musicals worst nightmare. Dorothy's house fell on 4 Munchkins, myself included. A second grader got hit on the head and my Jitterbug dance partner got the corner jammed into her back. The mayor and I got hit but not very hard. It just kind of landed on us so it didn't really hurt but rather startled us. Luckily, our audience went along with us and laughed, and Dorothy and Glinda recovered wonderfully. The audience moved on and the rest of the play went on smoothly. It was wonderful.

Tonight is the cast party. I have a feeling that there are going to be a few tears from the seniors, as this is there last musical at the school and I am friends with one who is already pretty bummed out. I am still in shock that the show is already on its last night. Bummer.

I will probably blog tomorrow, because the cast party may run a little late.

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