Thursday, November 02, 2006

My day's good deed

Today I did something very out of character. I signed an environmental petition to stop Columbia Gas to stop cutting down trees at Mohican State Park. Columbia has been cutting down part of the forests around the park and because the trees aren't there to support the soil, it has been washing into the rivers and ponds in the park. Now normally, me and my friends would just sit back and laugh. "Haha, look at those tree-huggers." However, when I was in elementary school some of my best memories were at Mohican. When I was in fourth and fifth grade, I was in Challenge, the program for gifted kids. We would go to another school every Thursday and do higher level work (actually, the vocabulary worksheets that we are doing in 10 Honors English now were something we did as a contest every week, I recognize a lot of those packets we get) So, we did a bunch of wierd stuff, like Geology (blech...never again), French (once again.....never again), and reading classic literature, as well as a music and art period (music was blah and art rocked! Mr. Jacklin was awesome!) Sooooo, every year for science we did something environmental and our field trip was to go to Mohican. I loved that place. We would go in the fall and collect leaf prints, rock samples, or identify trees. We also learned a bunch of native stuff. We learned how to make face paint with clay mud and how to build a shelter out of branches and sticks. It was so fun, and I'm not even that outdoorsy. Sooooo, this was my reasoning for signing the petition.

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