Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Female Munchkin #6

Had my audition this afternoon at 3:30 and it went absolutely amazing! I was the only one signed up for that time slot so it went by fast and the director and producer were the only people in there. I went to sing my song, and I have had a cold, so once I got to the end, I ended up getting something caught in my throat and choking on a high note. I started hacking and coughing and at this point I thought "Ok, it's all over now. I'm so dead." Well, after I finish singing and Mrs. Bell, the director asks me, "Rebecca, why aren't you in choir?"
"Well, I thought my schedule was full."
"Well, what do you have 5th period?"
"Spanish 3, ma'am."
"Aww, man. I really wanted that voice of yours to work with!"

*blinks* Ummmmm....oooooooooooooooook. I'm assuming that when you hack at the end of an audition and you are still told you have a nice voice, then it's a good sign. So then on to the monologue. It's a comedic monologue and I preformed it for probably 6 of my friends today. It went awesome. The auditioners were laughing very hard. I called my dad to come pick me up. I told him about the audition and said that there is absolutely nothing that I would regret. I also told him that no matter how well I did, that I didn't think that I would get Wicked Witch of The West. He said that on the bright side, a good audition could be the thing that keeps you from getting something along the lines of "Female Munchkin #6". I laughed about that line all afternoon.

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