Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy 6th Birthday, Bubby!

I am stealing an idea from this site for my birthday posts this year. For her kids birthdays she lists however many things about them for their age (i.e. Michael will have 6 facts about him because he is turning 6.) So here it goes
  1. He wants to be a "cooker" and a preacher when he grows up.
  2. He says he is also going to marry me when he grows up.
  3. He loves "engine turtles" (Ninja Turtles).
  4. He has a large church running about 150, consisting mostly of animals from the TY Co.
  5. His likes include- walking "Heamer" the dog, engine turtles, his sisters (of course), "forn" on the cob, and his hamsters.
  6. He was supposed to be a girl.

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