Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Don't stick the dowel rods up your partner's nose!"

Great advice from drama extrordinaire Howi Tiller. I am doing street drama at GC as I said earlier and today was the practice for that. I learned 3 songs. It was great fun. However.. I got this e-mail a couple days ago-

A reminder that Street Drama practice is Saturday, September 23rd @ 10am-3pm @ TurnPoint Church in Groveport , Ohio 7718 Groveport Rd. , Groveport , Ohio 43125.
(Lunch will be provided.)

They lied. Lunch was not provided. So I had no money. So the pastor's wife from Hillsboro took me out to lunch. It was very nice of her.

The whole thing went great.

Read my dad's post about this here.

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Theresa said...

Ross and I are going to try to see some of the Street Drama on Saturday. Hopefully, we'll catch you being graceful. **big grin**