Thursday, August 30, 2007

In the Zone.....

Oh, oh, oh
Woke up today
Feeling the way
I always do!
Oh, oh, oh
Hungry for something that I can't eat
Then I hear that beat!

This is not only a line from one of the classic Broadway masterpieces (Hairspray, people. Come on! Get with the program!) but it is also.....(drumroll please)


Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It's this time of year again. And this. And this. And this. And this. And finally, to wrap it all up, this.

And if we're lucky, this will happen again.

Because THIS is our musical for the year!

I will be trying out for Rosa. And most likely failing to get that part and getting stuck in the chorus. But what are you going to do.

So, despite my sinus infection that makes me sound like a frog, I am listening to "Good Morning Baltimore" constantly, getting the feel of it, wrapping my vocal cords around it, becoming one with the song, bonding with....ok, I think you get the picture.

So, when I get dates for sure, I will let you know. But now it is time for dinner and some more not-so-intense vocal training.

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John "9 1/2" Lilley said...

Break a leg! (They still say that in theater, right?) Again, Woo Hoo! First Comment! Hooray for Ninja!