Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random Blabber

I was discussing school with my adopted freshman today, and here's what's going on in that area.

Tomorrow, I am going to school to collect my schedule and should our schedules work out, I am going to show Emily around to her classes and give her the 411 on her teachers.

Tomorrow is also Rachel's 16th birthday, so Sips is a requirement. That's pretty much our Central Perk. I got her birthday present the other day, which was interesting. Guess what she wanted? A 3-subject notebook and Wite-Out Pens. It was disgraceful, I tell you.

On that subject, school starts on Thursday. *sigh* It's just sad.


Liz said...

you're a JUNIOR! hard to believe.

and what's wrong with a 3 subject notebook and wite-out for a present? I applaud her.

John "9 1/2" Lilley said...

School starting on a Thursday? What are they smoking... I could use some for this stupid neuroma pain.