Saturday, March 25, 2006


Todays just one of those lazy days. I have the house all to my self so I've been surfing the net, IMing, playing computer games, watching movies, for at least 2 hours. Yeah, a really productive day here. hahaha. Pretty soon I'm going to start packing and getting ready for spring break. I'm going to spend next week at Sis.Jewel's house. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon and then my parents are going to pick me up at a Holy Ghost rally on Friday. Then we're going to stay over in Lancaster and spend the day with the Borliks (some family friends) and then heading to Barberton to stay the night there. Dad is preaching in Barberton in the morning and then that afternoon we're going to my Uncle Peter and Aunt Shana's house. Then we're preaching in Canton. Phew! Busy week. Last night I went to the Youth Rally in Mansfield. The church sent out flyers to 15 churchs and our church was the only one that showed up. There were only about 6 people from the Mansfield church too. Bro. Ben, our youth leader, preached about Consecration and the will of God versus the purpose of God. He had one guy go up front and walk in a circle, another go up and down stairs, and me keep standing up and sitting down. For about 5 minutes this went on and by then I was so sore! We were supposed to be illustrating obediance to "the will of Ben". (lol) So, when we were finally finished with that, I was trying to walk back to my seat and I almost fell over! I was laughing so hard. Then after church we went to Cici's Pizzeria. The pizza was okay, but the pasta was AWESOME!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE pasta. And the cinnamon rolls were pretty good too. So I got back at about 11 and I was exhausted. I stayed up until about 12 and then I crashed and didn't wake up till 9:30! So this has been a good weekend so far and spring break looks like its going to be fun!

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