Saturday, September 03, 2005

One of my many obsessions

Anybody who knows me, who is reading this knows something about me. If you have ever e-mailed me, IM'd me, or read my blog even (so you should know this by now) you know this about me. I love Clay Aiken!! Heart Eyes In health on Tuesday we had to do something called Bio in a Bag (not to be mistaken with Bio Bag) We had to put 5-10 items in a bag to show what kind of person that we are. Almost everyone had something that they were obsessed with in their bag. One of my friends has a HUGE obsession with Sharpie Markers. ( Come on, be honest, those things are pretty cool) He has about 50 different colors of these things. He had about 1o in the bag. People laughed at the people with funny stuff in their Bags. So, then I went. Ok. Something about Mount Vernonians. Especially at High School and Middle School level. They don't like Clay very much. So when someone says that they even remotely have an interest in him then you are shunned to the class of "Freaks and Geeks". ( I was already there so I had nothing to lose.LOL) So , it was only natural for me to put one of my cd's in the bag. (One of the cheap ones that cost $4 for 2 songs) Groans all across the classroom, including from the exceedingly cute guy (he's the one obsessed with Sharpies.) He goes "Rebecca, I thought you were actually a smart person!"

Why is it stupid to have good taste? I Don't Know

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