Thursday, February 02, 2006

My bestest friend *sniffle*

I just talked to my bestest friend since 3rd grade, Maggie. (yes, i said bestest. so sue me) She is now homeschooled so we don't get to talk much anymore. But when we do talk it is of course incessent girlie talk. Apparently she has gotten her first kiss since we last talked. to which i said WHAT?!?!?!?! I can't say who it is porque
  1. u don't know him
  2. she said not to because it isn't common knowledge yet

The 2nd reason really ticked off my other best friend, Rachel. She wanted to know who it was and I said "no, maggie said i can't tell" which caused her to hang up on me and log off of instant messenger.oh well. she'll get over it.

And while i am talking of best friends i talked to Brittany McNamara this morning. She was filling me in on last nights service because i missed it (see dad's blog for details) for all of you wondering whow tiffany is doing last night she stood up at church and testified that all of the lumps are gone and she is going to the doctor for blood work today confident that will tell her that the lymphoma is gone. I BELIEVE IT!!!

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