Sunday, July 22, 2007


I have been hyped up for camp for the past year. However, at the second, I am in such a foul mood that I'm trying to decide if I want to go to camp at all.

I most likely will. But I'm just in one of those pouty, grouchy moods where you are either bawling your eyes out or biting someones head off.

My packing is not going well and it's making me mad. I left my brown skirt that goes with my favorite brown sparkly shirt at my aunt's house, which has made me have to find 2 different outfits, since it went with two different shirts. My bobby pins have disappeared. My clip with which I do french twists has disappeared. My hangers are missing. I am not happy.

I have had emotional breakdowns at least 3 times in the past hour. I'm so frustrated and mad and irritated and all those fun emotions.

Plus, did I mention that they changed the whole layout of camp so it's really frustrating and weird? Which is also making me. Not happy.

I need some Starbucks right now.

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Deana said...

BECKY!!! You do know that I would SHOOT you if you didnt come to camp!?!?!?!? lol We have been waiting a year for this---- Dont give up yet! lol i looked through the new Schedule for camp this year, It doesnt look all that bad if you think about it! I seriously cant wait! only like 2 more hours before I see you (Unless you got so fruserated late night your not going) But I cant wait! Ive got way too much lugage but oh well.... lol I love ya!