Saturday, August 13, 2005


I just returned from North American Youth Congress. This year it was in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena. It was such a great time! There were about 15,000+ Pentecostal Teenagers there. It was amazing! The speakers in the evening were awesome! Bro. Mark Johnston preached on Thursday night. He preached at Senior High Camp this year and is one of my favorite evangelists. He preached on "Apostolic Dew" and illustrated how our lives and witnessing to people should be with Mountain Dew. The three parts to his message were,

  1. The Dew is True- this is pretty much self-explanatory, God's word is true!
  2. The Dew is New- the generation of today has new and creative ways of bringing non-believers and backsliders into the church
  3. The Dew is You- the last generations power in the church was great, but this generation is the greatest power thus far

The service after that was amazing and the response was unbelievable!

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Terry Allen Ingram Jr. said...

I was not at NAYC that year but I got a hold of a dvd from my youth pastor and it was a pretty good message. My question is what happened between then and him starting his church, by all appearances he has abandoned standards that are Bibical but not the doctrine necessarily as far as I can tell the church is a seeker friendly church.