Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Health Class Diaries- October 18

Today we had vision screenings. ContactsI was waiting in line with my friend , Rachel, and she was telling me how incredibly dumb I was for liking CSG.( We're in the same health class) CSG is on Morning announcements this week, doing words of wisdom, so he's been showing up late for health class (excused of course), so he got lost, forgetting that we were in th guidence office doing the screenings. He had to have been on something, he was acting so wierd (no, not really, he's always being stupid, I think it was just a sugar buzz. Calm down!)Our school is really neat, we have metal wallsand you can stick magnets and stuff to it. Well there was one of those tac-boards, you know the kind that your kindergarten teacher used to hang your pretty pictures on, and he thought it was attached, so he pulled on it and fell backward.Tripping The pricipals office was right next to where he fell and she thought somone got hurt and much to her surprise she saw CSG laughing his head off. Miss Kennon had to tell her that it was just CSG being a dumb-butt and then to tell the class to shut up.Shut Up

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