Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Health Class Diaries ( since that blog is gone)

In my favorite class (refer to previous posts if u haven't figured out what that is), we watched one of those Specials that you see on Discovery Health (which along with TLC is my favorite channel) with the stories about people and they show you what was going on in their bodies at the time. Today's was about a girl named Lisa, who broke her arm, and a verrrrrry old guy Aging Man named Bob, who died of old age and they showed us what happened as he aged. It's made in England so they have thick British accents, and one of the dummies in my class asked " Hey, was this made in England?" Miss Kennon replied "No, it was made in Kentucky." He accepted it and went on believing her.Stupid
Since I haven't talked alot about health lately, I'll let you know what's going on in the land of CSG. On last Thursday, alot of people were absent so we put off our presentations of aerobic programs. Miss Kennon gave us a talk about steroids instead. That was sooooooo embarassing. I will absolutely NOT post all of the side effects on this fine, wholesome, christian blog, so let's just say that she left nothing to be imagined about their effects on your ...errrrrr... ummm.. reproductive system. Vomit Boy, was my face red! In this class I sit by kids i've gone to school with since Kindergarten and CSG. UGGGGGGHHH!!!! On Friday, they did power yoga, Yoga which I was exxempt from so I had to work in the attendence office for the period. On Monday we began our aerobics programs.Aerobics that day was pretty boring, but Tuesday when we finished up the presentations, CSG and his partner did theirs. It was HILARIOUS!!!!!! ROTFL CSG did demonstrations of all of the excercises. They were sooooooooooooooo funny!!! They had step climbing, wall sit ups, and leg-lifts, all ofwhich he exaggerated. Anyway, this is my longest post so I'm gonna cut it short as possible now.

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