Friday, January 20, 2006


well... i have not posted in a while so here's what's been happening. this past week i had EXAMS!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Scary... not as bad as i thought though. My dear mother was right about that, as she usually is (shhhhhhhhhhhh.... don't tell her i said that) My beloved health class is over. NOOOOOOOOOO!! It was a good send off though. Due to ice and snow in Mt.Vernon (now do u know why NC is so appealing?) my teacher made it into school about 30 minutes late. Nobody was even in the right seat at that point. Me and Rachel were talking to aaron on the complete other side of the room from where we sit normally. The basic conversation went something like this:

m- hola
a- steve got a new car (steve is his brother, he is a verrrry interesting charcater.)
a-yeah. a mercury. a big ol granny car
a- i was sooo scared we were gonna wreck
r- why?
a-well, u remember the accident we were in back around thanksgiving?
r- yeah..(neither of them were hurt but steves car was totaled)
a- well, before we wrecked he said something like "it feels like we're floating" and i go " oh dear lord we're gonna crash" and of course, we run into a pole
a-yeah, well today we're sitting in the car and he says the same floating thing again, so i'm like sitting in the car pleading for my life.
r-(laughs) so what happened
a-well, he didn't wreck but he did realize that "hey aaron, i can drive as slow as i want bcuz everyone behind me prolly thinks i'm like 70 and yelling "hurry up gramma!!"

at this point i am rolling. it was so funny. then of course there was rachel's hypothetical question-

"if me and the guy u like were on a bus and the bus veered off of a 1000 foot drop and u were guaranteed to survive, who would u save?"

*blink slowly* huh? well here was my answer-

"i would save u if u grabbed his foot. and if u "accidentally" drop him or if u "forget" then i would drop u and use my super powers to save him."

To this my friend nikki said-

Nikki- when did u get super powers?
me- its a hypothetical question
nikki- so?
me- do u know of any 1000 foot drops around mt.vernon ohio?
nikki- true dat. ur right
me- i know. i'm genius.

Aaron said

aaron- well rachel crescimanno is a secret FBI agent and would save the whole bus
me- i'm the only one guaranteed to survive
aaron- oh. well, that stinks
me- not for me!
aaron- shut up

lol. i love hypothetical questions

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