Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm guarding the livving room which conveniently , the computer guards the door of. Mom is wrapping presents for my sister and dad. I have unwrapped presents fora the same people, but since wrapping my friends presents, i've pretty much exhausted myself for a while. LOL. I love giving the presents, but shopping for and wrapping them is a different story. I am AWFUL at wrapping presents. especially those gifts that have funkie shapes. For Example, my sisters video, is a nice even shape, which will be easier to wrap (i have great faith), however my friends gifts, well, let's just say that Olivia assured me that my wrapping was "interesting". hahaha. perfume is hard to wrap!!Socks and sharpies are much easier and apparently get better reactions. my mom only wraps boxes and the occasional shirt or skirt. smart choice.

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