Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doors and Windows

Everyone has heard the saying "If God closes a door, he opens a window." Today has proven that statement to me.

My interview yesterday was simply atrocious. The guy pretty much told me flat out that I was not what he was looking for. He was very rude when I told him that Sundays and Wednesday evenings were not an option for me. I told my dad about the whole scenario, and he agreed that it just was not worth it to compromise church just for a few bucks. Minimum wage to be exact. After the interview, which I know did not go well and even if it did, I'm not sure that I want the job anymore, I decided that I should look on the bright side. I would get to work at SS camp, and go to my aunt's like I usually do, and veg all summer. It wouldn't be so bad.

So today, I went to work with my dad (read as: I rode in the car and sat in the burning inferno of a car while my dad did his appointment that would "just take an hour" and ended up taking two, so I slept in the car, which because he took the keys in with him, I could not roll down the windows, so I slept, or rather, slipped into a heat stroke induced comatose state, until Dad came back and then we went and made copies and then went to lunch, all the while listening to my iPod) and we went to this great place called El Campestre with terrific authentic Mexican food. While I was eating my yummy chimichanga, my mom called my dad and told him that Cato had called today. I put in an application about 2 or 3 months ago. They want to interview me. At 1 PM tomorrow. This job would be so much better. I don't have to work Sundays, which the lady clarified to me when I first turned in my application, and the pay is a tiny bit better, and also, two words. Employee. Discount. Yeah, baby!

Tomorrow, at 1, I will be interviewing for a rocking job. That's awesomized.

Also, today I got a new book. And my SS card. Which means.....

Stay off the roads, Mt.Vernonites, Rebecca Ryan is getting her permit!

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JAM said...

Good luck with the job search. If you have a Chick fil A in your area, they always are closed on Sundays anyway, so you'd just have to worry about getting off Wednesdays.

Me, my wife, and both daughters have all had jobs over the years where they promise not to make you work Sunday and Wednesday, but always get huffy three weeks later when you refuse to work Sundays or Wednesdays, because they just asked you to. So even if they say it's no problem, you'll have to stick to your guns, because you can be assured they will ask you to work on those days within a month or so.

Hope it's not that way for you, that's why I suggest trying Chick fil A.