Friday, June 29, 2007

Girls Night

I just got home from Army Gal's house (see, girl, be proud of me for protecting your privacy online ;D ) I spent the night there last night. It was so fun. We watched Princess Diaries and started the second one, but didn't exactly finish that one, because we were in such deep and meaningful conversation. [insert sarcastic eyeroll here] We ended up talking until almost 4 AM. It was great fun.

The fun thing about Army Gal, is that we've been best friends for almost 17 years. We've gone through every phase of life together. We were talking about how weird it is looking back and seeing where we've come from. We used to sit together in church and play Polly-Pockets. And when my Aunt Julie would play piano during church we would bang our hands on the pews pretending that we were playing piano just like her. She taught me how to play Miss Mary Mack. We used to talk about things like what our favorite Barbie doll was, or which Polly-Pocket was going to be used for actually play and which ones would be "clothing"(It's complicated to explain.) We played house and had imaginary husbands. Last night and today we talked about the war in Iraq, like whether or not her Army Guy is going to get shipped out in August, and what names we were going to give our kids. We talked about what we're going to college for and where we want to live and do with our lives eventually.

It's so funny how some friends you have will come and go and you'll never hear from them for years on end, and then you have friends like Army Gal who have been your friends for as long as you can remember and you don't know how you could ever get by without be their friend. It seems like after a while, empathy becomes deeper with these friends, for example when we were talking about the possibility of Army Guy getting sent to Iraq, there was just this fear that maybe he wouldn't come home.

I don't think I will ever understand why some friends stick with you and others don't. I think I'm just happy that I am lucky enough to have 4 best friends, which is more than most people will have.

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Anonymous said...

Dear, dear friend. Last night was truly full of awesome laughs. Never will I forget the leopard laugh, and the bright RED laugh. We must needs do this again soon...helps keep my morale up! Much love girlfriend!

-Army Gal