Friday, June 08, 2007

I can't wait till she starts dating....

I was playing Pac-Man World 2 on the XBox yesterday and my sister was sitting next to me. We got to this exceptionally frustrating level where Pinky (one of the ghosts) has created a robot to try to kill PacMan to keep him from getting the golden fruit (there's a plot line to the story involving golden fruit. If you're really curious, check the game out yourself) Well, anyway, Pinky apparently loves PacMan so she's just bitter, so the little word bubble that comes up before you start playing says someting along the lines of-

"Oh PacMan, Spooky (the ghost leader) was right. You never wanted me. Well, if I can't have you, no one will."

My sister, who can't read yet, asked me to read the story line to her. So I did and she asked me "Why does the robot want to kill PacMan?" Michael told her, "Duh. She loves PacMan and he doesn't love her back so she wants to kill him."

"Becky, when girls love boys, they're supposed to love them back right?"
"Ummm...not always. Maybe PacMan just wanted to be friends."
(Exasperation here.)
"Uggh...Becky, but PacMan's 'upposed to love her, because she loves him. Right?"
"Whatever you say Gabri."

And P.S. I still haven't heard anything from SubWay. I think if I don't hear from them, I may hold off till the end of the summer. Pretty much because I'm lazy and want to go to camp. And work camp.

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