Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Funeral

Well, we just got done burying Elphie. We buried her right next to where Eva (her sister) is buried, in the flowers. I think my brother was worse than I was. He cried, I mean I did too, but not to the extent that he did. He's just starting to get the concept of "died". But, I was doing better last night until I was going to sleep and then there was no squeaky wheel keeping me up, or no escape attempts, or no knocking the water bottle down that I had to get up and fix. It was so quiet. Too quiet. It's amazing the difference that a (and i hate this word, because I hate most things in this group) rodent who weighs less than a pound and makes almost no noise (except when she is hissing at you) can make. I miss her a lot. A ridiculous amount for a hamster. But anyway, Dad said I should quit naming my hamsters after tragic characters from musicals. Maybe that's true.

Because I knew you:I have been changed for good.
-Elphaba in the song For Good (Wicked)

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