Saturday, May 20, 2006

Partying- The Epilogue

Last night was a blast! Mistie came over at about 4 and we ordered pizza almost right away and started watching Man in the Iron Mask. Did you know that (as much as I love him) there is no Leonardo DiCaprio movie that you cannot make fun of? We tested that theory yesterday. We completely warped that movie. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. I couldn't walk. We were warping what the characters were saying and if nothing interesting was happening, we would dub it. Meaning we would mute the TV and come up with what they were saying. That got somewhat carried away. So, after that was over we played the Sims 2 computer game for a while and at about 11 we started Titanic. We watched the first half and then took a break, so by the time we had watched both parts it was 4 AM. We were so out of it we didn't even make fun of the smurf booger scene that much. lol. Sis.Jewel, you would have been proud of me, i only cried twice this time. lol. So then we stayed up until 5:30 saying that "What is the point of even going to sleep?" because she had to go and adopt a dog this morning at 7:45. So we ended up waking up at 7:40, and miraculously got to the Humane Society before anyone else anyway. Then I came home and played on the computer and watched movies and TV shows on YouTube. At about 5 my right side just started hurting so bad, I couldn't hardly stand to move. So I took 2 ibuprofen, put "A Goofy Movie" in, and layed on the couch, after having my grandma tell me that she would be over in a little while. Well, at about 8, I became actually awake, after having half-asleep conversations with my grandma for about half an hour. I feel much better now and not as tired. Still pretty tired. I'm gonna try to go to bed in the next hour or so and will probably sleep on the way to Minerva tomorrow. All in all, a great time was had.

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