Saturday, April 07, 2007

Didja miss me?

I'm ba-ack!

It's been a long month, people. Unfortunately, I can't remember what I said that got me grounded, as it was a month ago, so for those of you who know me, that does not bode well for my blog.

So, I'm sure you're all wondering what I've been up to. (Not.)

Well, I'm likely to forget something, but if I do, it probably wasn't that important anyway. So, first things first. I had OGT's. Goody. Those things were horrible. On the bright side, I never have to do proficiency tests again. If I passed all 5, that is.

A little after that, I had spring break. I went to my Aunt Faith's house. This was great fun. I went shopping and played with my cousins. It was a blast. It was over way too fast. I did have an interesting experience while there. At McDonalds-

Ok, you all know me and my obsession with the Wicked Witch of the West. So McDonald's is giving out Wizard of Oz toys in Happy Meals, and since I'm just a weeeeee bit out of the age for a Happy Meal, I have to resort to other means of getting one of these toys. This weeks toy is the Wicked Witch of the West, and I'm at my aunt's house and after Andrew's soccer practice, we went to McD's for dinner. Well, I see the WWW and flip out.

"I gotta have one of those!"

Plan 1- Purchase toy

I go up to the cashier.

"Excuse me, sir. Am I able to buy the Happy Meal toys seperately."


"How much are they?"

" 96 cents."

*gasp* A happy meal tonight was $1. Well, I am desperate so I go get my purse and get ready to buy a Happy Meal toy. They are sold out of Wicked Witch of the West toys, but offer to sell me the Cowardly Lion for the same price. Um, no.

Plan 2- Steal from small child (Calm down, people, I never did this)

I told my aunt, "If you see some poor 2 year old screaming 'She stole my toy!' you'll know the depths I've sunk to."

Plan 3- Give up hope.

I did.

Solution- Find toy under table.

I did.


I called mom and told her that I had found a WWW toy. She says "Did you find one for Gabri, too?"

Oh, poo.


Bonus- Find toy in seat of small child who has left.

I did.

My best news?

Click Here

So if any of you are in the neighborhood on April 30th, come to my school for the induction thing. We will have cookies.

I'm sorry that this post was so short. Honestly, my life wasn't very interesting over the past month. Today is the most exciting event all month. Gabrielle is four today. Leave her a shout-out in the comments.


Theresa said...

You forgot to mention that you get to sit with your favorite cousin in church, now that you are attending the same church again. And that you get picked on by me at least once a week. See your life is not as boring as you let on! ;)

Jewel said... me slow...but what MickeyD's toys did you finally end up with? And why wouldn't you pay the 96cents for one? That isn't much! Sheesh! I'm so glad you are back blogging!! ((HUGS)) Oh, and thanks for the nice advert for my blog! *smile*

Rebecca said...

I have the witches of both West and East, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. Scarecrow and Munchkin come out this week and I'm trying to find someone with an excess Dorothy and Glinda. Those were the first I didn't get them.

Nicki Mann said...

Wow, you randomly found two of the exact toys you wanted? That is luck.

Happy birthday Gabrielle! Four is the best!