Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some Shout Out Love

I know I'm going overboard with the posting today, but hey, I haven't blogged in a month and I have some ground to catch up on.

So, allow me to introduce you to my blogroll. And some other blogs.

I won't even mention Dad. He's got enough publicity as it is.

Sis.Jewel- This is my adopted grandmother. I love her to pieces. Her blog is awesome and she is one of my few people who actually read AND comment my blog. It's definately worth while to read hers. She also has an interview in 5 Minutes for Mom, where she mentioned me. THANK YOU!

The Lizness- Bow before this blogger. She is the high and mighty blog goddess. She is to be feared.

Sis. Theresa- This is the mother of The Lizness. I'm sure that makes her royal somehow. But seriously, Sis. Theresa has been around during pretty much every stage of my life. I have yet to figure out if this is positive or negative. (You know I love you, Sis. Theresa. :D )

John- Single-handedly responsible for the chaos that is my disasterous nickname being spread to all for corners of the earth. He doesn't blog a lot. He's a "newbie". (Don't worry. He ree-hee-hee-hee-hee-heely gets that. Honest.)

Deana- Promise me something. You will go to Deana's blog and comment her. Not many read it and so she doesn't update. She is one of my best friends. She must blog. You all love me. Go visit her.

Cherie- Cherie came to the Minerva church while we were there. One of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. Her blog consists of a lot of spiritual anecdotes and interesting stories.

Elena- I stumbled on this blog from 5 Minutes For Mom. She doesn't blog a lot, as she has a 4 year old and 1-year old twins, and is pregnant again. But I find her blog pretty interesting.

Rocks In My Dryer- This is a very light-hearted blog of a mom of 3. Her blog is hilarious.


Theresa said...

Thanks for the plug, Becky! I love you, too! I'll "insult" you some other time! ; )

Jewel said...

Thanks for the plug, Becky!! I have you on my blog list on my blog! Happy blogging!!

Liz said...

Your Muffinness! You light up my life, or at least my phone, when I get a text that says "The Muffin"

Friendship knows no age boundaries. Love you forever!