Sunday, April 29, 2007

Le Ickness

I've had a fairly bad weekend. I really wish my friend's weren't so dense. I feel like poo. Bleh.

However, tonight was semi-good. We did our Hop team thing. Which according to people, went well. I blacked out from the beginning of my solo in the first song, to the beginning note of the second song. I was in full "spirit-mode". I would love to know what happened though. There's something unsettling about losing 2-3 minutes.

Speaking of which, I had a friend do that this week. Rachel got tripped and slid down the stairs at school, going head first into a wall at school, which knocked her out. I went to visit after school and she was moderately drugged, but still insisted on studying. The conversation went something like this-

Me- How many species of bryophytes are there?
R- A Lot.
Me- Are you going to put that on your test?
R- Yep.
Me-How many species of ferns are there?
R-Heck of a lot?
Me- You're putting that on your test?

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